Sambal Belacan Speech

Topics: Nutrition, Milk, Food Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: December 15, 2011
Good evening to everyone here. Before I begin, let me ask you one simple question. Do you know what sambal belacan is? Yes, I’m sure everybody in here, at least have heard of it. It is one of the famous foods in Malaysia. I’m standing here tonight not to talk about local foods but Mongolian foods. What are orom, tarag and shar tos? Sound bizarre, right? For your information, they are some of the well known and weird Mongolian foods. The cold weather in Mongolian has affected their ways to eat. They also nomad who always move from one place to another. So, they need to take foods that are high in protein, carbohydrate, and fat to fight with the cold climate and for their energy. Therefore, their staple traditional diets are milk and meat. Mongolians also eats cereals, barleys, and natural fruits. The Mongols turned the food high in protein and minerals, but relying less on seasonable vegetables and fruits. What happen if we have to eat Mongolians foods for the rest of our life? Is it healthy? Of course not. If we eat like them, it will bring a lot of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and so on. The milk from sheep, cattle, horses, camels and goats are used in preparing their foods. I would say that they have found creative and ingenious way to use the milk from all the animals. Usually, the method of drying is common in preparing the food from the milk. The dried food is stored for a long winter and spring. Their diets also have a large proportion of animal fat. It is necessary for Mongols to withstands the cold weather about -40 degree Celsius. The common dish is dried cooked mutton without any ingredients called buuz. The tradition of using, producing and preparing are familiar outsides main cities. Some other Mongolian foods are orom (cream that forms on top of boiled milk), aarul (dried curds), airag (fermented milk from female horses), nermel (home made vodka), tarag (sour yogurt), shar tos (melted butter from the curd)...
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