Sam Winchester of Supernatural: Character Analysis

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  • Published : December 6, 2011
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Unit 2 Individual Project
By: Amee Park
October 16, 2011
My analysis of a fictional character from a Television series would be Sam Winchester of Supernatural. This is a television series about two brothers who hunt down demons and kill them. I actually watch this show every morning so I have learned a lot about it, and Sam is my favorite character. Sam is the youngest child to John and Mary Winchester from Lawrence, Kansas. He has an older brother name Dean which is who he hunts with. Sam’s mother died when he was only six months old, she was killed in his nursery by the demon Azazel. The Demon that killed Mary was feeding Sam demon blood when he was six months old and his mom caught him that is why she died. With Sam being feed demon blood it cause him to have the strength of a demon and have certain power like the demons. Sam Winchester is the sweet reluctant hero who joins forces with his older brother Dean to battle demons. Dean discovered the shocking, dangerous truth about Sam, he’d returned from Hell-but without his soul, leaving him calculating and untrustworthy. ( However Sam’s brother was able to restore his soul but with a great cost. Sam went through a lot through after he got back from Hell, he was having had memories of hell that threatened to overtake him, even kill him. Sam being the one with demon blood in him, has to deal with trying to be a better person and not let the demon come out in him-self, having to fight good with bad. Sam is the type who left the family hunting business to further his career in law but when his father died, his brother asked him to come help him hunt demons again. Sam is the smart witty one who is all into books and has a lot of common sense but can be persuade easy by female demons. Sam is a bit different than his brother he is sensitive, rational, and more innocent and was more interested in living a normal life but however he would do anything...
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