Sam Walton, Made in America, My Story

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  • Published : November 12, 2005
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Sam Walton was known to be industrious, always trying to get the most out of money, and had a burning ambition to succeed. This was evident in his book Sam Walton, Made in America, My Story. He was a hard working individual who helped his family through the depression, started his own business from almost nothing and changed the field of management for ever. Sam Walton was born in 1918 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma during the Great Depression. Sam obtained his work ethic from his father Thomas Gibson Walton who was a hard worker and had all sorts of jobs. He was a banker, farmer, farm-loan appraiser and an agent for insurance and real estate. He put in long hours, was honest and was known for his integrity. Sam also saw what a great negotiator he was. He also learned about hard work from his mother who had a milk business. Sam experienced earning money at the early age of seven by selling magazine subscription. He started a paper route kept it up through college. Through his early jobs, Sam learned how much hard work it took to earn a dollar. From his parents he also learned not to spend money.

Sam always set extremely high personal goals. He was very competitive and he was a motivator. He joined the Boy Scouts; he had a bet with his friends about who would be Eagle Scout first. Sam made Eagle Scout at age 13; at the time, he was the youngest in the history of Missouri.

Sam attended the University of Missouri, and received a B.S. degree in business. He soon married Helen Robson and learned much about money and finances from her father, a salesman. Helen's father managed his ranch and family business as a partnership. This is something that Sam adopted early on, and kept as his philosophy for success.

Sam wanted to own his own department store. His dream became a reality in the fall of 1945 when he purchased a store in Newport, Arkansas, a Ben Franklin franchise, which is where he learned a lot about running a store. This is where the foundation of...
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