Salvation on Sand Mountain

Topics: Holy Spirit, Christianity, Religion Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: October 5, 2010
Salvation on sand Mountain

It’s a hard job to be a reporter and not get drawn into the subject in which you are reporting. Most people who go out for this job know this ahead of time and aren’t the type to be drawn in that easy. Certain topics become too personal to a reporter though and become near impossible for them no to become too attached or too involved in. For Dennis Covington God was the thing that became way too personal for him as he got way to involved in the church he was studying. He never knew how much he would learn of himself through his involvement in the church. Dennis was unsure and really wanting to find out about these people of the mountainous church. Dennis found that these people of the Church of Christ with Signs Following people were more like him than he had thought. They were both looking for a way to get a closer and a more lasting relationship with God. Attending these services really changed Covington’s religious views as he started to believe and get into the services. Dennis started to become very active in the church, as he started to take up serpents during services and dancing when he felt the Holy Spirit so they began to call him Brother Dennis and he started to become a regular member of the church. Personally I feel as if the more time that Covington spent with the mountainous people during Covington’s times there the more it became about religion, and less about actually reporting of the people. This is also the reason that Covington had left the services of the church and his reporting because he had become too involved in the church. He did not want his kids and his wife growing up in this community though as he had feared for them. These people were starting to almost go overboard with all of the stuff they were doing during services for Covington. He finally came to a point at the end of his research when people were starting to die from the venom. The mountain people thought it was the peoples fault as they had...
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