Topics: Christianity, Holy Spirit, Jesus Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Amanda Sanford
College Composition

In this essay Langston Hughes writes about a time where he actually believed he would be able to physically see, and feel Jesus Christ. Hughes starts by describing a conversation he had with his aunt at a revival service. While sitting in church Hughes is told by his aunt that he would see Jesus once he became blessed. As he watched other young sinners become saved, he didn’t not see Jesus as he anticipates his arrival. When it becomes Langston’s turn, it is clear that he has many doubts. To keep the peace he goes along with the process of being saved. As a reader this may sound quite humorous, but Hughes makes sure there is no misunderstanding of age difference. Langston Hughes makes sure that readers understand that he was only twelve years of age during this time period. Hughes also makes it clear that this revival situation had a major impact on his beliefs in Jesus. Although some readers may understand the content other readers believe this essay criticizes the religion of Christianity. We have all gone through numerous situations in life where we must decide whether to speak up or be silent for the sake of peace. Langston decided to keep his doubts, comments, and personal thoughts to himself. Throughout our lives we have been told that it is okay to ask questions. Hughes had many doubts about being saved because he did not clearly understand the statements from his aunt. His Aunt Reed made statements such as “You saw a light”, “Something happened to you inside” and “Jesus came into your life”. Young Langston Hughes took his aunt’s words a bit too literal. This conversation between him and his aunt caused him to be astounded with the idea of being saved. Being saved sounded good to Langston Hughes in the beginning, but soon he came to think otherwise. Hughes expected otherwise from what he had been seeing. Other young sinners were soon becoming new young lambs, but he had yet to see...
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