Salvador Late or Early. (Struggles of an Urban Child)

Topics: Sibling, Parent Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Salvador Late or Early: Response to Literature Essay
Poverty and stress take away the pleasures of childhood from the children unfortunate to be born into such families. In Salvador Late or Early, a short story by Sandra Cisneros, tells us about the stressful lifestyle of an underprivileged boy named Salvador. Salvador The author believes Salvador is an interesting character because he’s a boy with responsibilities of an adult, he is a solitary and misunderstood kid at school, and because throughout all the pain and suffering he’s been through, he remains unbroken.

First of all, Cisneros thinks Salvador is interesting because he’s so young yet so much responsibility is thrown on to his shoulders. He is merely a child him himself and yet, he is unjustly expected to look after his “string of younger brothers”. An older brother, a baby-sitter, a loving parent, a student; all the titles that can be given to Salvador. For each title he must fulfill its expectations and responsibilities. He must look after his younger brothers like an older brother should, he must take his brother’s everywhere and keep them safe like a babysitter, he must give them love, feed, and dress them like a loving parent, and finally he must complete his assignments as a student. Salvador has so many responsibilities and absolutely nobody to turn to for help; he gets no attention from his one parent, and is expected to act as a parent to his younger brothers, this means he is cursed with a stressful, gloomy childhood he doesn’t even deserve. “…shakes the sleepy brothers awake, ties their shoes, combs their hair with water, feeds them milk and corn flakes from a tin cup in the dim dark of the morning.” A child should be able to enjoy the benefits of not having any stress or responsibilities, yet Salvador is deprived of a real childhood, something so many of us take for granted. The smiling innocent face we imagine when thinking of children is alien to Salvador’s face. “Salvador inside...
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