Salvador Dali vs Joan Mori

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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English 101 C, Tuesday, 12:00-1:50
May 5, 2013
The Food Industry
In our modern generation, the fast food industry has become a marketing competition between one food company to another, whereby majority of food are being over-processed are affecting families all over the world, that is why people are confused by not making the appropriate choice of food. Some people suggested the reason why fast food meals is spreading among people especially teenagers is because of the good taste and the convenient time. To my own view, I think the reason for the rapid growth of fast food among people is because of the price and the change in life style. Some people may say obesity rate increasing is caused by the increase in fast food as the both directly correlate with each other. In addition as obesity is harmful to health and a large percentage of the states are obese, it can be said that obesity is killing the entire country, it is doing drastic harm to the nation through health hazards . According to Zinczenko, he argued that obesity increase is caused by the fast food industry because they don’t give nutritional information and warnings about their product as the tobacco companies does. He also argued that food companies like M’c Donalds spends billions of dollars on advertisement by using animated characters so as to entice young once into their product. Zinczenko also gave an example of a fast food company weblisting the amount of calories on their chicken salad, he explained that at the back of their dressing packet they gave information on the amount of calories on it, and also the quantity of dressings that must be served. Zinczenko also explained that the...
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