Salvador Dali-Reasons of Popularity

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  • Published : March 16, 2013
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Salvador Dali-Reasons of popularity

Salvador Dali was born on 11th May, 1904. He is one of the greatest Surrealist artists known. He is considered as the modern master of the twentieth century. The critics call him eccentric genius, a self proclaimed madman. He had lived a life of fame and fortune. Following are the reasons of his success and fame: Surrealist Movement:

In his early years, cubism was the most famous art movement. But by 1929 Dali had found his personal style that made him famous - the world of the unconscious that is recalled during our dreams. It was the time when traditional art was being overturned by Monet's impressionism and Picasso's cubism, so the new and unconventional Surrealist movement was at the right time and place to make a real splash. Dali was an influential surrealist who forced others to follow his footsteps. Dali showed the genius of surrealism in such a way that made him famous among the audiences yet a big challenge for other artists. He was hated by most of the artists of his age. Because of Dali if a young artist wished to be famous it was a medium other than surrealism. His ideas and painting skills were superior to other surrealist artists. Dali was not only notorious for genius of his work but also for his odd behaviour. His distorted dreams were not only expressed on canvas but also in his daily life. Once while giving a lecture in knights’ metal armour, he had his one foot standing in a bucket of milk. His odd acts are often considered as marketing acts. But his art work was so good that it did not need any marketing. Enthusiastic About Displaying his Work:

Dali was very consistent in displaying his work. In 1917, his father arranged a display of his charcoal drawing in their home. In 1919, Dali participated in a group exhibition of the Sociedad de Conciertos in Figueres. He was praised in the local newspaper. In 1921 he designed a poster for an annual festival. In 1922, Dali displayed his works in the Catalan...
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