Salvador Dali Last Supper

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February 4, 2009
Surrealistic Meeting
Salvador Dali drew the picture“The Sacrament of the Last Supper”in 1955. This painting has quite a bit of emotion as you look and see how the apostles are kneeling. This image was created to show the futurism in the resurrection of Christ. Futurism rejects the traditional form and include art into modern technology. In this painting the most significant detail in this portrait, would be the spirt above the table in form of the cross. This figure is Jesus sprit rising out of him the night before he was going to be crucified. Everyone at the table see this spirt floating out of him and that is why they are bowing their heads. Along with this spirt rising, the large windows in the background, Dali seemed to want all the heavens see what is going on during this meal.  Salvador Dali's picture is a totally different setting than the original painting of the last supper. Dali's is set in a peaceful table with bright sun that is showing happiness and the bright future of everyone at the table. With the mountains covered in snow the setting must be cold but the people in the picture look very warm with just their light robes on while praying.

Dali's picture shows the man rising above the table must be the spirit of Jesus leaving his body the night before he was crucified. The arms reaching over the people at the table show his power, strength and desire to protect the loyal ones.  The Jesus at the table is in torn clothes, symbolizing a struggle during the day. He looks at peace, like he is ready for his punishment the next day. Out stretched arms of his spirit means he is floating up to the heavens, so the only thing left is just his body or shell. The other people at the table are praying for his spirit and giving thanks for the bread and wine he left them on the table. On the left arm of Jesus is a dove sitting on his hand that symbolizes the calmness of the situation.  His right hand, with the fingers that look like they are...
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