Salvador Dali

Topics: Salvador Dalí, Eucharist, Jesus Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Salvador Dali, was one of world's most famous surrealist artists. His work is popular amongst modern society as well as art enthusiasts and often interweaves bizarre and thought-provoking ideas with abstract images, many of these symbolising dreams and fantasies. His paintings explore the connection between reality and fantasy, and he once described his own work as "hand painted dream photographs". He was born May 11, 1904 as in Figueras, Spain. He was born the third Salvador Dali after his father and brother, who died 9 months before Dali's own birth. Dali lived in the shadow of his brother all of his life. This had a great impact on his artwork. A lot of his works were an expression of how he felt towards his brother. These works included decay, putrefaction, and other disturbing images. Dali began painting at the age of 10. His more notable works were produced by the age of 13 and by the age of 18, they had made connections with other intellectuals including: Luis Buneul, Frederico, Garcia Lorca, and Picasso. In 1928, Dali first obtained true international exposure when his oil painting, "Basket of Bread", was shown at Carnegie International Exposition in Pittsburgh, PA. This was one example of his mastery. Dali was determined to become one of the world's greatest painters. He was always aware of his own talent and in many eyes, accomplished the status of a master. Salvador Dali died January 23, 1989 but will still remain one of the greatest artists and whose paintings will always remain La vie secrete de Salvador Dali. His exploration of fantasy and subconscious is pronounced clearly in "The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper", painted in 1955. The painting shows Dali's depiction of The Last Supper. Jesus is centred at the table with his twelve Disciples kneeling devoutly, with heads bowed, in perfect symmetry, as if two groups of six were mirroring each other on either side of Jesus. Above Jesus we see a transparent image of his own body. Dali painted this image...
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