Salutatory Address

Topics: Life, Education, ILOVEYOU Pages: 2 (897 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Salutatory Address
The last few years have just flown by, leaving behind loving memories of high school. It also became a long but fast year of hardships, trials and sorrows. But despite of those, we also experience opposite elements. I could associate a story I learned in Values – it is entitled “Steadfast in Facing Adversities – that for every trial, there is joy; that after every sorrow, there comes happiness. And today’s occasion may be one of the most awaited event for all of us. Sapagkat binibigyang pagkilala ang lahat ng hirap at pagod ng bawat estudyante pati na rin ang mga talento at kaalaman na ating ipinamalas… ang halaga ng pagkilala sa pagsusumikap ng mga taong naging bahagi ng ating pagtatagumpay ay higit pa sa mga medalya at sertipiko na matatanggap nating mga estudyante. And that, for me, is the “Recognition Day”. This only proves that each and every one of us who had been persevering and hardworking in harnessing our potentials for the past years are capable to make a brighter future. Therefore we can use all these learning and knowledge but also the wisdom to be our tool in producing productive young citizens for building nation of our society. We must continue to embrace our future education because it is the one force that will influence every move and thought of our adult lives. Such education will further help integrate us into society, becoming doctors, lawyers, scientist, educators, what have you, and will also allow us to represent this community in whatever career we choose to pursue. And I know in the near future we’ll make a difference and share in building a more productive community. And we, honors cannot make this far without the help of everybody. So I would like to thank the people who help me to make it this far. First of all, I want to thank God Almighty for giving me opportunities to show my abilities and give my best. For His goodness and unconditional love and most especially He never turned His back to us even when we did....
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