Salutary Neglect

Topics: Salem witch trials, United States, Massachusetts Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: November 9, 2010
Salutary Neglect
Salutary neglect is a time period when the American colonies where neglected by Britain. During this time they flourished and developed a British origin, yet with a distinctly American flavor. They were allowed to become commonwealths. Great Britain’s policy of salutary neglect influenced the colonies to great extent. It influenced the American colonies in religion, commerce, and legislative assemblies.

Religion was greatly influenced by salutary neglect. When some of the colonies were founded, the offered religious freedom. For example, New York allowed religious freedom to everyone. Puritans were greatly influenced by salutary neglect. They left England to flee execution and in America they had the right to run their own church. England did not even bother with the Puritans after they moved to America.. The Salem Witch trials in 1692 was also influenced by salutary neglect. During this time the Salem, Massachusetts, held its own court and judged the cases. Salutary neglect also influenced the American colonies in commerce.

Commerce in America was greatly altered from salutary neglect. The colonist were able to farm for themselves. Sure Britain may have sent them there to farm for people in Britain, but the colonist were the ones who controlled the crops. They were the ones that chose to water and harvest the crops not Great Britain. Salutary neglect created diversity in commerce in America through the Triangular Trade. Trade routes linked the American Colonies, West Indies, Africa, and England. The colonies would send a cargo of rum to Africa where they would barter for African slaves. Then from there they would exchange survivors for molasses and take them to England. Another great influence from salutary neglect was in legislative assemblies

The legislative assemblies that were mainly affected from salutary neglect because there was an increased amounts of political freedom, and the new ideas of self-governing. Colonies held town...
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