Salt N Pepper

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Mahmood Akbar & Salt n Pepper

Salt n Pepper is a fast food and family restaurant chain owned by Mr. Mahmood Akbar. Initially it was a one branch restaurant, the brainchild of Mr. Mahmood that has eventually turned into a very huge successful organization. Mr. Mahmood, a post graduate in economics from Punjab University, when started off with the restaurant business already had the required exposure as he had accumulated four years of practical hotel management experience and a Bachelor’s degree in the same field from U.S.A. In 1978, he joined the Hilton Hotel Lahore, as food and beverage manager where he was further exposed to the practical side of business management.

In 1983 Mr. Mahmood opened up a fast food restaurant, “Burger 11” in partnership with a few friends. The experience did not work out well so after quitting he launched a new company Food Consults (pvt) Ltd in October of 1983 with the following objectives for his company:

1.To provide high quality and variety of food at a decent place at reasonable rates. 2.To achieve greater sales as compared to that of the competitors. 3.To provide consultancy services to the people in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Mr. Mahmood opened up the first restaurant, “Salt n Pepper” on Mall Road in 1983 keeping in mind that the people working in that area had serious traffic and petrol price issues when going home for lunch. The existing restaurants and hotels in that area were either too lavish or too modest, so there was a dire need of such a restaurant. After the success of the first branch Mr. Mahmood opened up the second branch in 1985 in Liberty Market, Lahore.

By this time Salt n Pepper had already made its presence felt in the food business. Years later Mr. Mahmood opened up a restaurant “Village” keeping in mind that Punjabis are food loving people. The décor of the place, the menu and the concept of self serving, all complimented the name. It turned out to be an instant success. Mr. Mahmood...
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