Salt a World History

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  • Published : September 13, 2009
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Javier I Torres
August, 27, 2009
World History AP
A world history
1.Mark Kurlansky is trying to prove to people that salt has made a difference in the world. Salt changed the world by Human survival, world trade and peoples curiosity of salt. I know this because the author has mentioned this several times throughout the book. 2.Yes, the author proved his argument about salt and how it has affected the world. 3.No, because if it was biased there has to be something that is biased about it. I found no evidence whatsoever of it ever being biased 4.The author focused on many different countries and periods of time in the book. I know this because Kurlansky wrote about the Chinese in the twelve hundreds and said that they were an advanced civilization. Then the book moves on around the world talking about salt. 5. I believe the book to be very thorough because the author really had a lot of time on his hands to write a whole book on the history of salt and how it changed the world. It has all the information and more to support his thesis. 6.The account is in a broadened outline because it broadens past the title and talk about countries and their history with salt as well. 7. I think the book is intended for popular reading to educate people about salt and its history with the world. 8.The sources come from numerous kinds of books, and I think that they are reliable because why would people publish a book with false information to misinform people. 9.The author spent most of his emphasis on social and economic history the most throughout the book. Kurlansky used it to show how salt affected the social class and made them wealthy. 10.There is a little bit of dates, which the author used to finish sentences mostly and weren’t very smart to use and hard to follow. 11.Yes maps, illustrations, and charts are used a few times. They help explain things better than words. You can evaluate illustrations and what not by reading the description and...
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