Salt Water Pool Systems vs. Liquid Chlorine Pool Systems

Topics: Chlorine, Swimming pool, Water Pages: 2 (886 words) Published: October 19, 2010
1 October 2010
Salt Water Pool Systems vs. Liquid Chlorine Pool Systems
I currently utilize a salt water pool system called an Aqua Rite System. If you're in the market for a pool, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose a type of system that is right for you. The salt water pool vs. chlorine pool battle has been raging over the last decade, and today, many home owners are building these systems right from the start or converting their old chlorine pools into a salt pool. But what is the real difference from a salt water pool vs. chlorine pool? Here is a quick run-down of the pool battle. The main advantage of a salt water pool isn’t that it doesn’t use chlorine. In fact, a salt water pool does use chlorine to keep the water clean. The advantage is that the pool owner doesn’t add chlorine to the pool, which means no pre-packaged chlorine, less irritation for people who are sensitive to added chemicals. Salt water tends to be much softer than chlorinated water, so it’s much more pleasurable to swim in, and is much less harsh on your skin. In addition, a salt water pool usually has a much lower concentration of chlorine than a chlorinated pool. No, it doesn't turn your swimming pool into the Atlantic Ocean. Nor does it make you feel like a seasoned salad after swimming in it. It simply gives you all of the benefits of traditional chlorinated water, without the negative side effects. In sum, with a salt-chlorinator, pool maintenance is easier, so you're able to keep your swimming pool looking great with much less hassle. The following paragraph contains just some of the benefits of a salt water pool. It's more comfortable. Salt softens pool water so it's gentler and less likely to cause red, burning eyes or dry, itchy skin. It’s easier on swimwear. Fabric swimwear won't fade or disintegrate over time. It smells better. Lower chlorine levels eliminate chlorine taste and smell. The water tastes slightly salty instead. It inhibits algae...
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