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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Title of the story:SALT
Written by:Kurt Wimmer
Directed by:Phillip Noyce
* Angelina Jolieas Evelyn Salt/ Sasha Fyodorovna Chenkova * Liev Schreiber as Theodore “Ted” Winter/Nikolai Takovsky * Chiwetel Ejiofot as Peabody
* Daniel Ilbrychski as Vasily Orlov
* August Diehl as Michael Krause

Evelyn Salt a CIA agent two years ago was captured in North Korea and tortured. Her beloved husband and entomologist Mike Krause presses the US Government to make swap and bring Salt back home. On the present days, the highly efficient Salt performs administrative work with her boss Ted Winter. When a Russian defector turns himself into CIA, Salt is assigned to interrogate him. Out of the blue, the man accuses Salt of being a Russian agent in charge of killing the President of Russia during his visit to New York to attend the funeral of the American Vice-President. Salt claims that she is innocent and asks Ted to call her husband but she decides to flee to seek out Mike. Ted does not believe she is a Russian spy but the Secret Agent Peabody orders his to captured Salt dead or alive. On a helicopter ride to FBI custody, Salt tries to convince a skeptical Peabody that she saved the day and that only she can hunt down the rest of the KA agents. She wants revenge because they took everything from her. After receiving an SMS message reporting that Salt’s fingerprints were at the body-strewn barge, Peabody accepts the truth and secretly uncuffs her. She jumps into the Potomac River below and escapes into the woods on the hunt for KA agents.

Why would a Russian agent want to kill the Russian president?
Because the spymaster, among others, want to destroy America. They do not like the path that Russia has taken since lifting the iron curtain in1991. They want Russia to regain the strength it held during the...
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