Saloon Car Squeeze

Topics: English-language films, Chevrolet Corvair, Car seat Pages: 1 (454 words) Published: February 7, 2013
It was towards sunset in Mbarara town, when I decided to look around for transport means to Bwizibwera-Ibanda road. I found a saloon car seating passengers as they came. I sat in-front, with three people behind and said to myself, the car is full we should be moving now. The car broker remains outside calling out more passengers. I then asked “Sir, the car is full, why are you calling more people”. He replied “where are you from? We need four more people to fill” I looked behind and thought may be one more person can squeeze. To my surprise, five people were forced to fit behind in three seats. Worst of all, an extra person sat with the driver on his seat and I on the navigators’ seat had to pay double, for the person that would have shared the seat with me. Off on Ibanda road we go. Five kilo meters on the journey and the passengers behind can’t take the squeeze any more except carry one another. A man suggests to the lady “let me carry you for about 5 minutes, when am tired you do the same” and the lady accepts. Then I am wondering, she is some ones wife or does it have to go that far? Can’t the passengers refuse to be packed like that? Then a lady passenger says “ let me carry you now, because I don’t have enough to pay for double like the lady in front, besides I travel here almost every day, I can’t afford it daily” Then I wondered who would come to her rescue if next to her sat an L5 Councilor so squeezed at the door speechless. On my return from the Bwizibwera to Mbarara Town, the same thing happened again at Midmorning. This confirms my suspicion that this does not only happen in evenings but also in broad day light under Traffic Police watch. But I keep wondering, who would license a small family car to carrying long distance passengers? They should be restricted to special hire for those who can afford. Such distances should be left for Mini buses, buses and coasters. So who is to blame for such predicament? The passenger in a...
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