Salon Manager Check List

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Salon Manager Check list

Main Types of Hazard Managing the Risk
The following highlight some of the hazards that may exist in your premises, They are by no means exhaustive and will vary depending on your own particular business. As a starting point use the blank sheet provided in this pack and carry out your own simple risk assessment.

Safety in Beauty Salons

Slips, trips and falls
Most accidents occur when staff trip
over trailing leads and uneven floor
surfaces, or fall when trying to reach
items e.g. by standing on chairs.

Obstructed exit routes, for example by
stock, can prevent escape and provide
fuel for fires. Many products used in
beauty treatments, particularly aerosols,
are highly flammable and potentially
explosive if exposed to high

Electrical Safety
Many of the electrical appliances used
in beauty salons are subjected to
considerable wear and tear.

Hazardous Substances
Some of the preparations and products
used in the beauty salon contain
harmful substances which can cause
both skin and respiratory problems.
Products used for cleaning can also
be hazardous.

_ Fasten cables and leads securely or re-route overhead if possible. _ Unplug all equipment when not in use.
_ Keep passageways, workstations, and stairs clear. Clean up spillages immediately. _ Provide adequate lighting.
_ Provide proper step ladders to reach anything not accessible from the ground. _ Keep all escape routes and fire exits clear, and make regular checks to ensure this is the case.
_ Store products, particularly aerosols, away from naked flames or sources of heat, at or below room temperature and in a dry atmosphere.
_ Do not use portable gas heaters as they have a naked flame. _ Switch off and unplug all electrical appliances at night.
_ Make sure employees are aware of the action they must take in the event of a fire. Manual Handling
Lifting and moving stock and working at
poorly designed workstations...
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