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Executive Summary

Real Estate business involves such a large amount of money in every transaction. Mt. Moriah Builders and Development Corporation is one of the developers here in Bacolod City which manages the Villa Estefania subdivision in Fortune Towne. The subdivision is composing of three phases and the company does sell house and lot and also lot only. The client may buy the property by the assistance of the Pag-Ibig or direct on the company and they call it “in house” buying of the property where instead of paying to Pag-Ibig the client will be paying directly to the company.

The automation of every transaction in such company is necessary because a large amount of money is involved. The daily collection in the company seems always to be having problem in counting. Using an automated system in recording the payment will make sure that the payment have all been computed will and collected. It will be easy for the manager to check the actual cash and at the same time the amount recorded, in this way the theft and corruption will be avoided.

The selling of the property will be easy because the client have the privilege to buy the property in terms; it may be three or five years. In this case, the collection of the receivable should be recorded well to determine the dues and balances of the clients. Now days, if the company is not persistent on the debts of the clients this will add to the losses of the company. Using such automated system will help the company monitor well the accounts of every client, and inform the clients right away in order to avoid a large amount of dues and balances.

1. Implications of the System

The proposed system is the Sales and Accounts Receivable System of Mt. Moriah Builders and Development Corporation. The system will cover the sales of house and lot and lot only of the company in Fortune Towne which is the Villa Estefania. The company is engaged in real estate in selling lot and house and lot. The company needs a system to monitor the sales of the company as well as the daily collection. The system, along with their sales need to monitor the accounts of the clients, for the sales involved such a large amount and so the client can buy the property in terms and several years. The system is needed in order to avoid the miscalculation of the collection and the dues of every client and inform the clients of their history of payments. Using such system will easily inform the clients of the dates they have paid in order to avoid the complaints from clients.

2. System Requirements
The following are the requirements are needed to make the system work properly. 1. Software Requirements
The following software requirements are needed to make the system work. • Microsoft Windows XP and higher
• Microsoft Visual Foxpro and higher

2. Hardware Requirements
The following hardware requirements are needed to make the system work and its other functions. • Processor 2.0 Ghz or Higher
• Memory 1 Gb or Higher
• Video Card 256 Mb or higher
• Monitor
• Keyboard
• Mouse
• Printer

3. Major Recommendation

The major recommendation of this study is to provide an automated system for the sales and account receivable for Mt. Moriah Builders and Development Corporation. It is recommended that such company which involved in a large amount of money every day should have an automated system in order to easily determine if such corruption or miscomputation do exist on every transaction. The system should be use in order to monitor easily clients with accounts on the company in order to avoid the bad debts on clients.

2.0 System Outline
2.1 Project Objectives
2.1.1 General Objectives
The main objective of this study is to automate the sales and account receivable system of Mt Moriah Builders and...
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