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Loughlin Tatem
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Posts: 91 Toycie is having stomach trouble and is unable to be at Grandmother Straker's wake.. Florance is at the wake, though, talking about a new greatgrand child she is taking care of, and Mis Eila asks if this child has the same father as Flo's Granddaughter's other children. Aunt Tama says she feels guilty because she left her mother to live in Puerto Cortez for 15 years, and by the time she returned home her mother was old and so she is unable to make up for the lost years with her mother. Beka slips away and falls asleep on Greatgran Straker's bed.She is awakened by her father who tells her that he is allowing her to return to school only on the condition that she passes the term. She promises to try. Chapter 13

Beka awakes and she is excited about returning to school. She is concerned about her shoes and about how she will deal with people knowing she failed the previous year.On the way to school, Toycie takes ill.She vomits on the school floor and Sister Virgil sends Beka to fetch a mop and water.Beka sees Toycie and Sister Virgil headed for the office. Chapter 14

Beka learns that Toycie has been sent home. Beka reflects on the time she was sent home by Father Nunez the year before because she had upset him by expressing a controversial view about the existence of evil. She said that nature produces chaos, men and women are part of nature.She is worried about her seeming inability to remain silent at times.She recalls that Sister Virgil wanted her to leave the school altogether, saying that Beka was a heretic at worse and a rough diamond at best.. Life has moved forward for her, however, and sister Gabriel asked her to write an essay about the Sisters of...
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