Salesforce Case Study

Topics: Computer, Software as a service, Money Pages: 3 (759 words) Published: January 6, 2012
1 . How does use cloud computing? use clound computing software as a service .Many advantages and disadvantages come with using the software-as-a-service model. Some of the advantages include: Automatic updates- This means that the user will always be getting the latest version of the software, with no new downloads required.

No installs- You don’t have to worry about installing software onto any of the computers. This leaves less room for compatibility issues for computers. Usually if you use a standard web browser, more than likely you will be able to use the service. Low Cost- The upfront cost of cloud computing is small. The user can space the payments out over a period of time, paying monthly payments. Doing this avoids any large upfront costs. There are also disadvantages of using this model. These include:

Security issues- Since software-as-a-service is not run directly by the company using it, it is possible that the information can be seen and leaked by others who run the program. Online connection-An online connection is needed to run the system. Therefore if you are somewhere without internet service, you will be unable to use the program.

Ongoing payments-Ongoing payments are necessary to keep the service going. Unlike regular software where you only pay one payment to install it, if you don’t pay for the services your account will be shutoff.

2. How does use cloud computing?

AnsSalesforce has come across several challenges throughout its growth. One of these challenges is competition from new businesses wanting to replicate Salesforce and also from traditional industrial leaders. A few of these competitors includes Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and smaller companies such as NetSuite.

Another challenge for Salesforce is deciding if it should expand its business into other areas. As...
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