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Table of Contents
Executive Summary3
Part 1: GSM Personnel Specification4
3.Required skills5
Part 2: Key issues and Recommendations6
2.Key issues6
2.1 Motivation and job satisfaction6
2.2 Recruitment and selection7
2.3 Training and development7
2.4 Key account management8
2.5 Sales team structure8
4.1 Change the reward system10
4.2 Set up the formal recruitment and selection process11
4.3 Set up a standardized training11
4.4 Restructure the sales team with the new role of KAM13
4.5 Action Plan15
4.6 Expected Outcomes16
7.1 The recruitment process19
7.2 Sales people calculation19

Executive Summary
The report is divided in two parts. The first part ‘Personnel Specification’ is aimed to identify the required main skills areas of the new GSM. Those are: * Five to eight years sales experience and management;

* University degree of business or marketing management; * Excellent and proven communication skills and interpersonal skills; * Ability to create a work environment and culture to stimulate individual’s development and motivation; * Ability to negotiate and high levels in numeracy and literacy skills; * Personal traits: high motivation, ambition in sales, enthusiasm, full commitment, and ability to work under high pressure. The second part, which is the most important part of this report, consists two main sections: key issues and recommendations. The key issues have been identified through analyzing our current company’s situations and related theories. Those key issues are: * Low motivation and decreasing job satisfaction;

* The lack of formal recruitment and selection process;
* The lack of quantity and quality in training and development; * The missing role of Key Account Management in the sales operation; * The inappropriate sales team structure.
Based on the analysis of key issues, the fully detailed recommendations are provided in the end of this report, following with an Action Plan and expected outcomes.

Part 1: GSM Personnel Specification
AccuClean is in crucial need of a new General Sales Manager, who will be in charge of the sales team in all regions and report directly to the Managing Director, Peter Ward. Our company is facing several leadership problems and lack of focus in sales team. The new GSM is expected to bring the new fresh leadership style and able to manage the sales team in all regions to achieve the highest performance and long-term development. The personnel specification of GSM will be illustrated in details. Experience

The new GSM is expected to have at least 7 to 8 years sales experience, preferably in B2B market (CPSA, 2012; Myjobs, 2012; Reed, 2012). The experience in B2B sales market is very important for our company since our customers are ranging from small to large sized companies, and many of them are with us more than ten years. He/she has a minimum of 5 years experience in business management, marketing and sales strategies and planning, and financial oversight (Inc, 2012; Myjobs, 2012). With these experiences, the new GSM is able to diagnose the management problems within our sales operation, and bring in his/ her new approach in leadership style, in order to improve sales team’s performance as well as increase the motivation and satisfaction of sales people. However, we should be very flexible in selecting candidates based on experience. If a candidate had excellent qualifications regarding his/ her education and 2-3 years experienced, we should not exclude him/ her from our shortlist. The requirement of sales experience is likely to cause a problem of excluding potential candidates (Jobber and Lancaster, 2006). Qualifications

The candidate needs to have Bachelor degree of Business or Marketing...
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