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Rawlings Baseball

By Beau Bedford
Rawlings Baseball

By Beau Bedford
To Mesquite Sports Center
To Mesquite Sports Center

Beau Bedford
Salesmanship 1301

I am working for the Rawlings Company and am going to be making a sale of baseball gloves to a sports store called Mesquite Sports. I will give a detailed description of the product I am going to be selling, along with a description of my competitors, and of my prospect and the target market. Also I will explain how I prepared for my sales call and how it actually went.

The Rawlings Company was first founded in 1887 in St. Louis Missouri. Which is where there headquarters is currently located. Rawlings is a company that manufactures sporting good equipment for all sports. One of the things that Rawlings specializes in is the baseball glove. They produced the prototype for the modern baseball glove in 1920. Rawlings makes a variety of glove models, from high end for competitive players to lower end for recreational players. Rawlings offers eight different series of gloves featuring more than sixty different models. The Primo is the premiere baseball glove series. Two layers of the finest Italian leather create a pocket built for performance at your position. The third layer of Italian calf lining creates a luxuriously smooth feel while the 100% wool padding adds an extra layer of cushion. The Primo series uses dual core technology along with hot stuffed 100 lb. tensile strength laces to provide unprecedented quality. This series is for the more competitive player with a price range around $399.99. The next series is the Pro Preferred, which is made from supple Kip leather. These gloves are marked by a tight grain structure which allows for a soft, smooth look and feel. Lace from Rawlings own Tennessee Tannery that’s 15% stronger than standard Pro lace is used. Only the finest quality materials are used including the 100% wool padding and Deerskin lining for superior comfort that has made this new industry standard. The retail price on this series is around $275.00 and is also for the competitive elite player. The Primo and the Pro Preferred are the gloves that you see a lot of the top MLB players using like Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriquez, Ken Griffey JR, Justin Verlander, Albert Pujos, Mark Texeria, and many more. Rawlings also offers different series for the more cost conscious and youth players. One of these series is the Gold Glove Pro Taper which is a series perfect for 8-13 year old athletes who will play at least forty games a year. The Pro Taper glove is recommended for any athlete who is ready to move into a better glove, but whose hand is still too small for a Pro Preferred or Primo style. This series has a retail price of around $99.99. Another series for the younger cost conscious athletes is the Signature series. This series features gloves that are replicas of the ones that some of the top pros use. The pro taper design provides better control for younger players who want a pro-style glove. Each glove has a full grain leather shell, leather lacing and a zero shock sting reduction palm pad. This series has a retail price range from $50.00 to $70.00. There are many other series that Rawlings Company offers like the Heart of the Hide, Revo, Sandlot, Renegade, Savage, and Softball series that tend to any need or price range that the customer is looking for.

One of the competing companies is Wilson Sporting Goods Company. The Wilson Company is based out of Chicago, Illinois and is a foreign subsidiary of the Finnish Amer Sports. The company first got started in sports by making tennis racket strings. They later ventured into making footballs and tennis balls along with baseball gloves since 1957. They also offer a couple of series of gloves to choose from. The A2000 series is their best at a price range from $199.99 to $299.99. These...
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