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* Marketers can choose the promotion they wish to go for, choose an OEM (if any) and create promotions using Wooqer's 'Yumeya' platform (aida. * Yumeya connects the Marketer to internal decision makers (along with supporting data) as well as agencies/executors for a seamless promotion creation * The promotion thus created can be executed both online and offline. Case Study - Farmville

Farmville gained 58 million users in just 6 months after launch and that is about as successful a Sales Promotion as there ever was. So what made Farmville so successful?
1. The game is really sticky. It makes you come back every few hours or at least once in 2-3 days for you to play meaningfully. And however boring it might be, it's tough to let go once you start. 2. It helps you stay connected by receiving and giving gifts to friends all the time. It may not be very meaningful interaction, but it somehow gives one something to look forward to each day, specially to those who are not working (are at home) and thus would like to be able to stay connected in some way without having too much to say. 3. Viral - Nothing is quite as viral as Farmville. The well written status updates and messages are a clear indication of how well Zynga understand user psychographics. Farmville undoubtedly sets the tone for a new era of Social Promotions where it is not the seller but the users promoting the product. Case Study - Coke Auction

Coke auction first took place in Aug-Dec 2000, in partnership with QXL, with the set up of It involved consumers (primarily teen targeted) bidding for items using credits. instead of credit cards Consumers got 500 free credits just by registering at the website and could accumulate further credits by buying promotional cans of Coke and sending the ring-pulls and bottle labels from the same to Coca Cola GB. Coke tied up with brands like Nike and Sony to offer auction items ranging from CDs and games software to WAP phones and MP3 players. Consumers could also bid for Makeovers or tickets to England World Cup qualifiers. The promotional was very successful with more than 100,000 registrations, more than 800,000 user impressions and the average user session lasting 12 minutes per visit. The campaigns banner ad alone generated close to 10,000 participants One consumer collected 16,800 ring-pulls and the highest number of items won by one individual was 124. The promotion positioned Coke as a progressive, exciting and relevant teenage brand and got Coke the Revolution Award for Digital Economy in Great Britain. Definitely a successful Sales promotion. Case Study- Cadbury's Creme Eggs Treasure Hunt

As Cadbury’s Creme Eggs leave the factory in a van, in their excitement they jump around and accidently knock open the van door, falling out onto the grassy verge. They land on their heads and suffer from amnesia, then wander off and forget that their destiny is to release their goo. Creme Eggs are to be found roaming the internet on sites including MTV, Yahoo and Youtube. Consumers are challenged to locate them and enter a special code into the Creme Egg website for a chance to win a range of prizes including Creme Egg key rings, spoons, beach balls, Red Letter Day experiences and a trip to New York. This year the campaign had its own website and moved to the internet. It also extended to a quiz on Facebook – ‘Goo am I?’ in which the eggs, still suffering from amnesia, post cryptic clues and ask the 300,000-plus fans to help identify them. The site also had Goo games for users. When the campaign was launched in 2008, it garnered 82 ,million ad impressions, reached more than 18 million users and drove 740,000 clicks, with an average click through rate of 0.99% (FMCG average being 0.53%) The overall campaign recognition was 54% among adults. The campaign received the Grand Prix at the AOL/Media Week Online Planning Awards.

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