Sales Promotion in Brief

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Sales Promotion
Promotion is the final element in the marketing mix. After the nature of product is decided, its price fixed and the methods of distribution decided, the manufactures has to take effective steps in meeting the consumers in the markets. In the present consumer oriented markets it is the duty of manufacturers to know what is required by the consumer. It is also their duty to make the customers know where, when how and at what prices. The products would be available.  

Meaning of Promotion
The term promotion is the term and includes mainly three type of sales activity : 1. Mass impersonal selling methods (Advertising).
2. Face to face personal selling (Salesman ship).
3. Activities other than personal selling and advertising such as point of purchase display (P.O.P.) show and exhibitions, demonstrations and other non securing selling efforts. This form of activity is called ‘Sales Promotion’. There are two type of promotion blends :-

1. Pull Blend.
2. Push Blend.
Both of these are closely related to the channel of Distribution. 1. A pull blend is one in which mass impersonal, sales efforts are given the greatest emphasis. The purpose of pull blend to pre-sell to the final consumers. So that they demand the product at the retail level of distribution. The firm adopting this strategy would spend more on advertising and sales promotion rather than in personal selling. These efforts pull down the product from the manufacturer. 2. A push blend emphasizes personal selling. Naturally firms adopting this method develop a strong sales force at both the distributor and the dealer level. This method would tends to push the product through the channel of distribution. |

Promotion and Selling
The term promotion is very often used as a synonym for selling. But selling is a narrow term which includes only transfer of title or personal selling. Promotion on the other hand is broader in its outlook and includes a variety of activities used ultimately for increasing sales volume.  

Promotion and Sales Promotion
Similarly the terms sales promotion can not be taken to mean what is commonly does. Sales promotion, is only a part of the promotion. Basically promotion is an "exercise" in information persecution and influence. Promotion has come to mean the over all co-ordination of advertising selling, publicity and public relations. Promotion is a helping function designed to make all other marketing activities more effective and efficient. But sales promotion as such helps only the selling activity still, there exit same difference of opinion on the real connection of the term sales promotion.  

Acc. to A.H.R. Delons :-
"Sales promotion means any step that are taken for the purpose of obtaining or increasing sales".  
Acc. to W.Q. Kelly Opines :-
"Muddled misused misunderstood that is sales promotion Acc. to him the field of sales promotion as a marketing activity is still vaguely defined and organized. Sales Promotion and Advertising
There is no universally accepted distribution between these two terms. To same advertising includes all forms of mass media communication directed towards influencing the end consumer. Sales promotion on the other hand, includes the form of mass communication directed towards information and influencing the channel of distribution (e.g. distributors, retailers etc.). Hence a price of product literature distributed by retailers in sales promotion. These sales promotion merges on one side in to advertising and on the other in to personal salesman ship. It is concerned with the dissemination of information to whole salers, retailers, customers (both actual and potential, and to the salesman). Sales promotion is concerned with the creation. Application and dissemination of material and techniques that supplement advertising and personal selling. Sales promotion makes use of direct mail, catalogues, trade shows, sales contests, premiums, samples, windows displays and other aids. Its...
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