Sales Promotion

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Sales Promotion
in a B2B Setting

Bobby Andersson
Aman Hailemariam

Luleå University of Technology
Bachelor thesis
B usiness Administration
D epartment of Business Administration and Social Sciences
Division of Industrial marketing and e-commerce
2007:202 - ISSN: 1402-1773 - ISRN: LTU-CUPP--07/202--SE


The last ten weeks we have been writing a bachelors thesis, a time full of both expected and unexpected challenges. The thesis work have brought us lots of new impressions and influenced the way we look at research and sales promotion. Today, when the writing of the thesis finally has come to an end we hope that our thesis can contribute to fellow student’s better understanding of sales promotion in B2B settings.

We would like to express appreciation to people who helped and supported us during our thesis writing.
Thank you, Mr. Lars Vikström at Minelco AB for reserving time for an interview as well as providing us with valuable information regarding sales promotion in a B2B setting. Finally we would like to thank our supervisor Mr Tim Foster for his support and active supervision through the whole time we were working with our thesis.

Aman Haile-Mariam

Luleå University of Technology 2007-05-23

Bobby Andersson


Sales promotion has been in constantly growth since the 1960’s and have today become one of the key factors in the promotional mix. The methods used have become more sophisticated and an increasing number of companies are realizing the importance of a well structured promotion strategy.

The purpose of this thesis is to provide a better understanding on how sales promotion is used in B2B setting. In order to reach this purpose, research questions focusing on the objectives of sales promotion, as well as which sales promotion tools that were used were stated. Based on these research questions, a review of the relevant literature was conducted, resulting in a conceptual framework, which was used to guide this study's data collection. A qualitative, case study approach was used, using interviewing at an industrial company in Sweden as the primary data collection tool. The findings indicate that, although the individual objectives of the tools can be different they can still be used overall to lead to the same overall goal. It was also found that the focus is not always on using sales promotion tools to generate sales, but to improve relationships. As for the tools used, it was found that there are commonly used sales promotional tools in B2B settings. More specifically, gift giving can be deemed inappropriate in certain contexts and should be used carefully.


Försäljningsfrämjande aktiviteter har sedan 1960 befunnit sig i ett växande stadium och har idag kommit att bli en av de viktigaste faktorerna i marknadsföring. Metoderna som används har blivit allt mer sofistikerade och ett växande antal företag inser vikten av en välstrukturerad försäljningsfrämjande strategi.

Syftet med denna uppsats är att förbättra förståelsen angående hur försäljningsfrämjande åtgärder används i Industriella sammanhang. För att kunna uppnå detta syfte, så togs forskningsfrågor fram som nämnde målen med försäljningsfrämjande verksamhet samt de olika försäljningsfrämjande åtgärderna. Baserat på dessa forskningsfrågor, så togs en lista fram på relevant litteratur, som resulterade i ett konceptuell ram, vilket fungerade som guide när data skulle samlas in till denna studie.

En kvalitativ forskningsmetod i form utav intervjuer som tillämpades på ett Industrielltföretag i Sverige användes som främsta data insamlingsmetod. Slutsatserna indikerar att trots de olika försäljningsfrämjande åtgärdernas olika syften så kan de generellt amvändas för att nå samma mål. Det var också funnet att försäljningsfrämjande åtgärder inte bara används för att öka försäljningen utan även för att förbättra relationer....
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