Sales Planning & Operations

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Table of Content
Task Oneiv
1.1Go- Nuts With Do-nuts (GNWD)iv
1.1.2GNWD Cup Cake Conceptiv
1.1.3Cupcake Promotion Objectivesv
1.1.4Mixing Advertising & Personal Sellingvi
1.2Customer Behavior & Personal Sellingvii
1.2.1Advantages of understanding customer behaviorvii
1.3Environment & Managerial Forcesviii
1.3.1Managerial Forcesviii
1.3.2Environmental Factorsix
1.4Two Types of Personal Sellingx
1.4.1Professional Sales Peoplex
1.4.2Support Sales Peoplex
Task Twoxi
2.1Sales Process for Personal Sellingxi
2.1.2Pre approach and planningxii
2.1.3Approaching the clientxii
2.1.4Indentifying Client Needsxiii
2.1.5Presenting the Productxiii
2.1.6Handling Objectionsxiii
2.1.7Gaining Commitmentxiv
2.1.8Follow-up and Keeping Promisesxiv
Task Threexv
3.1Sales Strategies for La Vola Blanchexv
3.2Corporate Objectives and Marketing Objectivesxvi
3.3Sales Strategyxvi
3.3.1Strategy 1: Hire well experienced, reputed sales professionals in the industryxvi
3.3.2Strategy 2: Build relationship with existing customers and potential customersxvii
3.4The Organizational Chart and Sales & Marketing Structurexviii
3.4.1Organization Chartxviii
3.4.2Sales & Marketing Division Structurexix
3.5Human Resource Functions of a Sales Managerxx
3.5.1 Recruitment and Selectionxx
3.5.2Motivating and Remuneratingxx
3.5.4Performance Appraisalsxxi
Task Fourxxii
4.1Nature of Sales Tasks/ Skills & Selling Environmentxxii
4.1.1Selling a Servicexxii
4.1.2Selling to a public authorityxxii
4.1.3Selling Over the Telephonexxiii
4.2International Sellingxxiii
4.2.1Role of Agents and Distributors in International Sellingxxiv
4.3Trade Exhibitionsxxiv
5.0. Conclusionxxv
6.0. Referencesxxvii

List of Figures
Figure 1: Eight Steps of Personal Selling Processxi
Figure 2: La Vola Blanche Organization Structurexviii
Figure 3 Communication flowxviii
Figure 4 Sales & Marketing Division Structurexix

Task One
1.1 Go- Nuts With Do-nuts (GNWD)

Go Nuts with Donuts was formed on 29th of February 2009 with the intention of becoming the best brand for the donuts in Sri Lanka by creating a change in snacks industry in Sri Lanka. The first outlet was established at ODEL- Colombo 07.

Then and Now
It was started with one outlet at ODEL and now the branch network has expanded up to 8 stores around Colombo. The delivery service which started with 3 bikes has now expanded to 3 delivery bikes and the crew has increased from 15 employees to 62 employees. With the demand expansion they have been able to increase the supply from 36000 donuts per month to 80000 donuts per months. With all these expansions they are now able to match the supply with demand avoiding customer disappointments.

1.1.2GNWD Cup Cake Concept

‘Cup cakes’ are a new product range introduced by GNWD to its customers in the recent past. As GNWD’s flagship product is donuts, the management have been considering in diversifying its product range in to cupcakes. Since there are no other challenging competitors in the market, GNWD believe that the Cup cake concept will be a better customer attraction for the business aided by its pre- built reputation for donuts. In tuning in this Cup Cake concept in to its existing donut market, GNWD has been making use of certain advertising mechanisms and personal selling techniques. Following segment of research explains the mechanisms of advertising and personals selling used in effective Cup Cake promotions by GNWD.

1.1.3Cupcake Promotion Objectives

* Create awareness about cupcakes (since cupcakes is a new product) * Persuade customers to buy cup cakes.
* Create a strong customer base for a good start

* Advertising & Personal Selling
GNWD has...
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