Sales Planning for Ginvera Vietnam

Topics: Sales, Marketing, Customer service Pages: 28 (9960 words) Published: March 25, 2013
II.The Body5
1.The marketing communication mix5
1.1.Personal selling6
1.2.Sale Promotion6
1.3.The relationship between communication mix’s elements8
2.Understanding of buying behavior9
3.Environmental and managerial forces affecting personal selling for Ginvera products in Vietnam19
3.1.External Environmental factors19
3.2.Internal Managerial factors23
4.Main types of personal selling suitable for Ginvera Vietnam26
4.1.In Business to Customer market26
4.2.In Business to business market27
5.Principle of personal selling applicable for Ginvera Vietnam29
5.1.Sales professionalism29
5.2.Negotiation skills29
5.3.Relationship marketing30
6.The stages in the personal selling for Ginvera Vietnam32
6.5.Handling Objection35
6.6.Closing the sales35
6.7.Follow up35
Table of images37
Table of figure37

I. Introduction
From the first day of establishing from 1985 by talented founder L.D.Waxson, Ginvera has climb step by step to the peak of beauty care industry in the South East Asia as the most prominent leader. The company appears as home of more than 500 dedicated employees and thousands others who work in production. The wide ranges of about 90 Ginvera’s products diversify from skin care to bath products, from shampoo to diapers, which are developed sensibly for both men and women, adults and kids. Furthermore, by taking advantages of modern technology, coupled with strong and strategic foresight along with determination of the talented founders, all products are created, developed and improved in the more effective, much safer and more affordable away. With clear mission, vision and objective as well as appropriate business strategies which help the company keep a constant profitably and grow in stable way, Ginvera has built a significant reputation around Asia, especially South East Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and even China. However, in Ginvera’ point of view, Vietnam does still appears as a brand new and potential market which can help the company not only reinforce its reputation effectively but also a considerable revenue every year. One the other hand, in Vietnamese customers’ perspective, Ginvera still appears as unfamiliar name although their products are sold in most of the supermarket especially in mega cities like Hanoi and Ho chi Minh city.

As a result, on the way of market developing, Ginvera has planned to do some researches on Vietnamese market as well as customers’ behavior in order to have a comprehensive overview about this potential market. Based on this purpose, this report will provide Ginvera an overall best practice of Sale Planning and Operation exclusively for Vietnam market which mostly mention about personal selling, including the principles, types of personal selling, both environmental and managerial forces affecting personal selling, the stages of this process as well as how the understanding of buyers’ behavior can be applied and use effectively in this process. Moreover, before mention all kinds of these issues, the report will bring an overview about communication mix and its roles in relationship with Ginvera Vietnam with two instant examples: Advertising and personal selling.

II. The Body
1. The marketing communication mix
Marketing mix as known as 4P’s includes 4 main elements: product, price, place and promotion in which the promotion is considered as the appearance of any marketing campaign. The promotion does not only decide how the images of product are built but also decides partly how the product was sold to the hand of the customers. In order to build an effective and reasonable promotion, Companies often seeks for...
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