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Sales Plan – Phase Three

Introduction [Valerie]
[Overview of original sales plan and the subsequent changes to product life cycle]

Overview of Original Sales Plan

The original sales plan is based upon the SWOTT Analysis; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends. The SWOTT analysis is a sales plan that Coco Cola can use to its advantage in all areas that need to be assessed. The SWOTT analysis will also help provide any and/ or all information that is needed for Coca Cola to make any changes for area’s or improvements; and also to see what is working and keep it the same. The main area’s for improvement is the weaknesses, and threats section of the SWOTT; because there are the areas that can be worked and evaluated to Coca Cola’s advantage. Knowing what the weakness and threats that pose to an organization will give all divisions at Coca Cola to focus on and asses any changes that need to be made to great more strength in the organization. The SWOTT Analysis will also help Coco Cola assess what the current trends are towards what consumers like to purchase. By knowing the trends the organization will be able to “keep up to date” with what consumers prefer to purchase for beverage products. Finally, focusing on opportunities will increase what strengths the organization already had and to overcome any weaknesses and threats the organization may have or may come up against.

[Overview of original sales plan and the subsequent changes to product life cycle]

Sales Plan Review
As an organization, Coca Cola is aware that there can be many changes to a product’s lifecycle. With the success of the company with all its products, Coca-Cola had to adapt to changes in the market. The company learned to adapt when it decided to replace the original Coca-Cola with new Coke. That change back-fired on the company and Coca-Cola had to revert to the original recipe to satisfy its consumer base. The company had to ensure that they would not lose market share to their competitors and not lose any of their relationships with existing customers. Team B, still concedes that its proposed sales and distribution concept is best suited for Coca-Cola’s sales strategy but for any changes in the product lifecycle, the company should perform a marketing assessment. At the maturity stage, the strong growth of sales begins to diminish. At this stage the competition will release similar products. The objective at this point is to defend market share while maximizing profits. Product: Features should be enhanced to differentiate itself from the competition. Pricing: Should be lower because of the competition.

Distribution: This should become more intensive and incentives should be offered to discourage preference of the competitions product. Promotion: This should focus on, and emphasize product differentiation.

Market Reassessment
With the changes to the product life cycle, Coca-Cola will reassess the market to evaluate changes that may affect the sales plan. Coca-Cola will then update its sales plan to address the potential effect of those changes. As part of this market reassessment, Coca-Cola will perform an environmental scan, situation analysis, and SWOTT analysis. As part of the environmental scan, Coca-Cola will reassess certain aspects of the market including the products, competitive landscape, target markets, distribution, and community involvement. For example, the competition may have released new products on the market or a health-conscious trend may have developed for consumers to select products with or without certain ingredients. In such cases, Coca-Cola may need to offer new products also or modify the contents of its existing products. Coca-Cola would also evaluate the necessity to develop new target markets as well as the effectiveness of the distribution to the existing and new markets. Coca-Cola would also evaluate event...
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