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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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Sales Plan-Environmental Scanning
Terri Calloway
March 4, 2012
Faith Werner

Sales Plan-Environmental Scanning

Environmental Scan
Environmental scanning is the process of analyzing the information about events, trends, and relationship in an organization’s external environment (Appendix B). There are five categories that affect the sales and the marketing in the external environment. The categories are economics, legal and political, technology, social and cultural, and natural, and it is the PEST analysis (Johnston & Marshall, 2009). PEST analysis is design to help HTC to recognize business and personal opportunities, provide direction of change, prevent failure, and develop a strategy to operate in a new market. As the technology industry continues to grow and change the world, HTC has to develop a strategy for the Android smartphones to stay above their competition the Samsung and the Blackberry (Samsung, n.d., and Blackberry, n.d.). The company focuses on recruiting high rank employees in the areas of product design, user interface, brand promotion, sales, and marketing (Appendix A). Recruiting high quality employees helps HTC see the demand of telecommunications through their customers and design a mobile phone along with other products to compete in the market and expand global (Appendix B). The employees are valuable assets to the company. HTC follows the commitment to provide the employees with a safe and healthy working environment to give a better quality life and achieve the corporate goals. HTC analyzes information from the reports and discover the consumers were looking for a mobile phone that could record videos and take pictures at the same time. The HTC can allow consumers to use their device as a portable TV to watch photos, videos, and movies. It changes the lifestyle of listening to music in a car by one touch allows the consumer to access more than 60,000 radio stations from a 170 countries across the...
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