Sales Performance of HPCL Writing and Printing

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“Sales performance of HPCL writing and printing paper – A study of Guwahati and Shillong market”

A Dissertation submitted to 

(Session 2007-09)
Submitted by:


Roll No. MBA19/07
N.E.H.U. Department of management

Tura campus, N.E.H.U. (Meghalaya)

Corporate Guide:        Academic Guide:         Mr P.G. Goswami                                                         Prof. G. Singaiah        Asst.Manager, Finance. Head of the Department (North East region)                                      Hindustan Paper Corporation limited Department of management

(A Government of India Enterprise) Tura campus, N.E.H.U

Summer Project Certificate

This is to certify that   Sahnaj Rahmatulla Laskar Roll No.  MBA19/07 a student of MBA of Management Department, NEHU, has worked on Summer Project titled ”sales performance of HPCL writing and printing paper – A study of Guwahati and Shillong market” at Hindustan Paper Corporation limited after trimester III in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the programme. This is her original work to the best of my knowledge.      

Date:             Signature           (Faculty Guide)   


I hereby declare that the project report entitled ” sales performance of HPCL writing and printing paper – A study of Guwahati and Shillong market” is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of business Administration to N.E.H.U Management department, Tura Campus, is my original work and not submitted for the award of any other degree, diploma, fellowship, or any other similar title or prizes.

Place: Guwahati Sahnaj Rahmatulla Laskar Date: 21.02.09


Table of contents:

Page No


Executive Summary

Chapter 1:

➢ The Research problem

➢ Significance of the Study

➢ Objectives of the Study

➢ Research Methodolology

➢ Limitation of the study

Chapter 2: Hindustan paper Corporation Limited (HPCL) – An overview

➢ HPCL’s Business Mission
➢ Last ten years performance of HPCL

➢ About NPM

➢ About HPCL’s Marketing and Sales office of HPCL (NE Region)

Chapter 3: Customer satisfaction – Respondents perception

Chapter 4: sales performance of Stockiests and Retailers

Chapter 5: Statement of Findings and Recommendations

Chapter 6: HPCL – SWOT Analysis



At the very outset my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. P.G. Goswami, Asst. Manager (Finance) –Marketing office (North East) of HPCL for being my mentor and guiding light throughout the project. My increased spectrum of knowledge in this field is the result of his constant supervision and direction that has helped me to absorb relevant and quality information and practical insights. I owe my enormous intellectual debt towards my faculty guide Prof.G.Singaiah, HOD of NEHU management department who has augmented my knowledge in the field of marketing. The report would have been very different and probably less worthwhile without his penetrating insights and invaluable guidance. My earnest thanks also to Mr. Deepak Baisha of Sr Manager of HPCL Marketing office (North East) and Mr.P.J Gogoi, Sr. supervisor of central...
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