Sales Monitoring System

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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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Today’s business engaged in highly computerized technology aiming to enhance individual lifestyle and a profitable dealing. Manual system is now considered obsolete after the birth of computerized system. Company that uses computer technology in doing business transaction gets easier, accurate and safe to keep important records as well as retrieving daily sales to keep track of their business. Windows based transaction is now very common to widen the target of a company. It becomes more attractive to its client considering it can save time and a hassle-free. Sales Monitoring System was proposed in replacement of the manual process of business transaction of EAL Food and Grill. This system will improve and provide the security and accuracy in handling goods sold as well as monitoring the inventory items by just entering data required and the system would handle the calculation. It will enable easy accessing and retrieving of required information rather than pursuing paper files. The proponents based the proposed system in most companies like Opera Cafe that uses sales monitoring system in handling business transaction. This company have come to rely on a system that not only provide easy access but also provide a secured system that would help the management to prevent furtive acts. However, the management will be complacent that their business is safe when they are not around. Having an advanced and computerized system in running their business makes more productive, efficient, secure and convenient both to their company and to its clients. Sales Monitoring System is meant to help businesses to expedite and increase sales and most importantly to increase profit of the company because it helps woks faster and easier.
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