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Genesis: SALES ORIENTATION STAGE OF MARKETING Selling: It refers to an art of persuasion by means of preaching attributes of the products / service so that need can be created among prospective customers and purchase can be made by them. Sales Management: Sales management originally referred exclusively to the Direction of sales force personnel who undertake the responsibility of selling. According to AMA: “Sales management refers to the planning, direction, and control of personal selling including recruiting, selecting, equipping, assigning, routing, supervising, paying and motivating as these tasks apply to the personnel sales force.” Tosdal defines it as “a planned proposition of work of any commercial, personal sales unit, which includes admission, selection, training to handle the equipment, regulation, investigation, payment and incentive, and this is applied to personal sales.

Features of Sales Management 1.It is a planned proposition of work of personal selling. 2.It deals with the management of sales force personnel.

OBJECTIVES • To generate profitable sales volume • To contribute significantly in the maximization of profit by cost reduction • To ensure sustained growth and long term performance of the firm • To develop corporate image • To bring maximum satisfaction among customers & consumers • To achieve marketing objectives of the firm

Nature and role of sales management

 The determination of sales force objective and goals  Sales force organization, size, territory, and quota finalization  Sales forecasting and budgeting  Sales force selection, recruitment, and training  Motivating and leading the sales force  Designing compensation plan and control systems  Designing career growth plans and building relationship

strategies with key customers

Sales Management & Exchange Process Elements of Exchange Process 1.Two or more social units (people or organization) must be involved with wants to be satisfied 2.Each party must have something of value to contribute in the exchange process 3.Parties must be involved voluntarily to achieve objectives 4.Parties must be able to communicate with each other THUS 1.Sales personnel represent their firm in the exchange process 2.They contribute their firm’s offering in the exchange process 3.They get involved in the exchange process to convert firm’s offering into cash 4.They communicate attributes of the offering along with terms and conditions with the prospective buyers HENCE •Sales process is based on the philosophy of Exchange process •Sales force personnel are the FRONT END of the firm

PERSONAL SELLING & SALESMANSHIP Sales Mgt., personal selling and Salesmanship are interrelated and interdependent. Sales mgt. directs the personal selling efforts, which in turn, is implemented largely through salesmanship. Personal Selling Personal selling is a broad term including many activities such as, 1.Job and responsibility of sales personnel 2.Identification of buyers’ problems which sales people need to meet 3.Ways and means to handle those problems for solutions by the salesmanship. Thus, personal selling along with other marketing functions such as product development, pricing, promotion and distribution etc. facilitate in the implementation of total marketing plan.

SALESMANSHIP According to Shapiro It is an art of successfully persuading prospects or customers to buy products or services from which they can drive suitable benefits, thereby increasing total satisfaction. AMA defines it as “a process of persuading a person to buy goods and services. It is a method of arriving at a common point of view with the prospects with regard to the desirability of some articles, service or idea. The act of salesmanship consists of “one human mind influencing another human mind” Thus Salesmanship is seller initiated efforts that provides prospective buyers with information and other benefits, motivating and persuading them to decide in favour of seller’s...
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