Sales Management

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1.0 Introduction
Sales force automation is involving in all activities in sale department which include customer management, information sharing and other else, to boost up with the software. It is easy to connect between the organization and the sales manager trough this software.

Sale force automation can be showed with difference style when connect with difference technology. For example, ATM is a type of sales force automation software that help the bank to satisfy the customer need which can be respond rapidly.

For current business environment, technology is a trend for making business better. It will help the sales manager to increase the productivity and efficiency for serving customer. Due to current intensive competitive environment, companies are finding the new way to enhance their market position. It enables development efficient and effective customer-focused strategies and detailed promotional programs (Hansotia, 2002; Kim and Kim, 2009; King and Burgess, 2008).

There is nothing prefect in the world, it still have some problems when applied to the organization.
This report is going to discuss the advantage and disadvantage of the sales force automation.
2.0 The advantage of sale force automation
2.1 improving the communicate channel
The software can improve the communicate channel in the organization and the customer. It is easy for the sales manager organizing and developing the overall sales process (Harris and Pike 1996). There are showing difference benefit when the sales force automation. This benefit was different to each groups of user within the organization (Francis et al. 2006). Harris and Pike (1996) also mention that applying the sales force automation, will improve the communicate with the headquarters, the flexibility of managing sales and retain the customers relationship. For example, Sonic, a big organization in the Sarawak and headquarter is located in Sibu. The company was mass up caused by information delay and large product range and makes a lost. It started to use this software at 2010. Finally, it gets the revenue at 2011.

2.2 motivated and improve efficiency
Sales forces automation was proofed that can be motivate the sales manager within the organization. It has been applied to help the sale manager reduce the work for more efficiency. By other hand, sales manager will get motivated. Erffmeyer and Johnson (2001) were conducting a research on manufacturer and service firm. The result showed that the worker were motivated and improved the efficiency. Ingram et al. (2002) stated that sales force automation has been choose by the organization to retain their customer more efficiency.

2.3 Reduce cost time in long term
Although, the cost of buying the software is expensive, sale force automation will help the organization to reduce the cost and time in the long term. Sales Force Automation systems were help to increase sales effectiveness, improve closing rates, and decrease sales administration costs (Technology Marketing Corporation, 2004).

2.4 quick information process
Sales force automation will help the sale person to improve the information process and the relation between customer and sale person himself. Erffmeyer and Johnson (2001) found that the successful of the sales information automation have related to the kind to learn of the employee. Spiro and Weitz(1990) found that the development of effective selling behavior have correlate to the sale person learning. Within the sales process of the organization, the sales person need to learn the information about the market, customer and competitors to help them to improve their performance.

Sale force automation help sale person to enrich the knowledge during the sales process. Park and Bunn (2003) found that Sale person can be performance effectively according to the environment and the situation which have better knowledge. Weitz et al. (1986) found that the knowledge of the sale person have a...
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