Sales Force Immersion

Topics: Giorgio Armani, Armani, Jonathan Coachman Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Coach is a company that was founded in New York and specializes in handbags, accessories, and jewelry. Ever since 1941, Coach strives to achieve a high quality reputation among consumers along with exceptional service. As high customer satisfaction is one of their main goals, the company eventually gained recognition and their brand gained international status. Coach operates in a variety of industries due to its large product selection. Handbags, accessories, wallets, jewelry, belts, and shoes are some of the products Coach offers. These products are part of an extremely competitive industry that has many competitive designers such as Giorgio Armani, Kenneth Cole, Christian Dior, and Carolina Herrera. Taking into account its relatively new entrance into the Canadian market, Coach has been noticeably successful. Most of it can be accredited to its commitment in growing and developing their sales staff. Programs such as “Coaching Moments” and bi-weekly “Touch Bases” encourage sales associates to improve their performance. Nevertheless, it is important to evaluate the factors that are driving sales, identify potential or hiding issues, and find ways to solve them. The Coach stores are categorized according to sales volume from “A “to “D”. An “A” store has the highest sales volume while a “D” store has the lowest sales. The store analyzed in this report is located in Metropolis in Burnaby. This particular shop was opened in August 2008 and belongs to the “B” sales category. Their fiscal year runs from August to July. Issue Assessment

The main issue Coach is currently having in Vancouver is related to their sales goals. The target sales are rarely achieved by sales associates or managers thereby affecting the perceived performance of the sales staff. In order to address this concern, several sales drivers are identified and analyzed. The paper will focus on three main drivers – pay structure, sales force training, and client track – and propose...
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