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Q1. Suggest the most effective route to market/ Channels for sales of:

a) Pre-School

As World School is leading player in pre-primary and ERP/learning management solutions for Schools and Colleges in Maharashtra. They have 200 pre-schools in tier-2 and tier-3 cities of Maharashtra. They were established in 2007 and have grown since then through the franchising channel for preschool business and direct sales channel for the ERP/learning management business. The decision to enter the smaller cities was deliberate and has helped the company evolve over the last 5 years. Having seen success, the management has now decided to enter into the metro/cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

The following are the most effective route to market/ channels for sales of Pre-School.

Direct marketing

Direct marketing is a one-to-one communication between the seller and the potential buyer. Traditionally direct marketing has been about direct mail – posting a printed piece of communication to a targeted visitor and calling for a response, typically a request for a brochure (or more recently a visit to the website). As this is Pre- School which is maximum based on Taking care for children and teaching (EMOTIONAL SELLING), this is done by consultation by our sales team, so that they can convey the matter and convince patterns by showing FAB (Features, Advantages, benefits). Direct marketing can be very cost-effective for reaching the target market and generating sales. The impact is also easily measurable as it is clear who is being communicated with and that person can be followed up to see if they visited. And different messages, offers and creative styles can be tested to identify which works best. Direct marketing has recently expanded into direct e-marketing which gives even greater cost efficiencies. Direct e-marketing requires a destination to capture the email addresses of its enquirers and use them to regularly communicate relevant messages and offers to them.

PR or public relations is about managing the image and reputation of a place through creating positive associations, influencing decision makers, lobbying, and gaining media coverage. In destination marketing it includes:

* press trips, usually by travel journalists, aimed at generating coverage in travel sections of newspapers, magazines and guide books – on and offline * press releases with interesting stories and new products designed to get coverage either in travel sections or elsewhere in online, print and broadcast media * "stunts" aimed at getting media coverage

* ensuring that destinations are well-represented in independent guide books, websites and other media * publishing blogs
* Conversations through social networks.

Printed brochures have traditionally been a mainstay of destination marketing. Many Schools still have a general brochure which presents images and copy about the destination, travel and practical information, together with pages of advertising for suppliers, primarily accommodation, to enable consumers to book direct. With statistics which can increase the attention of the customer and can join their children in our school hoping they have better future. Digital: a revolution in destination marketing

Though they are many traditional ways which can give reputation for business digital marketing plays major role. Creating website and providing exact information to the clients gives a better knowledge to Parent. Digital marketing – from websites and e-zones to social networking and mobile technology – has become mainstream, and is now often the best, most cost-effective route to market for both leisure and business tourism. It enables destination marketers to:

* target consumers more tightly with very tailored information * provide more detailed and up-to-date information than ever before * reach targets when they are already on the move
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