Sales Ans Distribution Strategy of Outlook

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A Project Report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the award of Post Graduate Diploma in Management
All India Management Association (New Delhi)
Under the guidance of 
Prof. Pooja jain

Jagan institute of management studies


This is to certify that Mr. Rupesh has successfully completed the project Work titled “SALES  required for the award of POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN MANAGEMENT during the academic year 2009-2011.

This project work has not been published anywhere or submitted either wholly or partial For Award of diploma. It is the original work carried out by the candidate.



I declare that the project titled “SALES” is an original project done by me and no part of the project is taken from any other projector materials published or otherwise or submitted earlier to any other college or university.

Student’s Signature

Faculty guide signature


I extended my special gratitude to our beloved Director Mr. J.K. GOYAL, Dean Mr. MADAN MOHAN for inspiring me to take up this project. I wish to acknowledge my sincere gratitude and indebtedness to my Project Guide POOJA JAIN, Coordinator PGDM of JAGAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, DELHI for her valuable guidance and constructive suggestions in the preparation of the Project Report.

I extended my gratitude to‘OUTLOOK PUBLISHING (INDIA) PVT. LTD, DELHI’ .And the TEAM LEADER Mr. AJAY PATEL and to all my colleagues,friends for their encouragement, support,guidance and assistance for undergoing industrial training and for preparing the project report. 



General Introduction about Print Media Industry:

Print Media, as anyone can understand is one of the most important factors coming through in the way a nation works. Newspapers, magazines, books etc. are ready by a lot of people and are certainly one of the most trusted mediums of National and International News.India has a vast array of Print Media with Thousands of Magazines andNewspapers in circulation. Top Notch Journalism, great reporting, press unity and a very strong network is what makes Print Media so much of a success even today in the age of Television and the Internet. It is also said that Print Media also helped literacy and undoubtedly the General Knowledge of the average person in India.  

Industry Profile:

Origin and development of the industry:

The first printed newspaper appeared in Peaking (Beijing) in the 8th century A.D. The Chinese did the printing using separate wooden block for type, which could be used over &over again. The Koreans also followed the Chinese. Printing ink &paper were developed in china & Egypt. But the whole process of printing had stunted growth in Asia Europeans, on the other hand, used the new process on large scale. They benefited from the popularization of printing, which led to the advent of affordable books &popular newspaper. This also led to the democratization of communication. The very first newspaper in the US was Public Occurrences-Foreign &Domestic, published by Benjamin Harris, a bookseller in Boston, in 1690 .Harris could not continue publication as he was imprisoned by the British authorities for printing without ‗prior consent‘. Then came another news paper, the Boston Newsletter in 1704. James Franklin, brother of Benjamin Franklin, published the New England Courant in 1721.

First printing press in India:-

The first printing press arrived in India on 6th September 1556 & was installed at the college of St.Paul in Goa. THE FIRST INDIAN...
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