Sales and Milo

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  • Published : April 29, 2012
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Creating a magnificent product is not enough to achieve great success. In other words, it needs a boost from promotion decision process (Figure 1), and Milo has efficiently applied it to succeed in Vietnam market.

Figure 1
PlanningDeveloping the promotion program| ImplementationExecuting the promotion program| EvaluationAssessing the promotion program| * Identify the target audience. * Specify the objectives. * Set the budget. * Select the right promotion tools. * Design the promotion * Schedule the promotion| * Pretest the promotion. * Carry out the promotion.| * Posttest the promotion. * Make needed changes.|

Initially, Milo identifies its target audiences are mom and children, those that care about healthiness and nutrition. Then, Milo tries to reach its customers through the hierarchy of effects encompass five stages. It first starts with raising “awareness” via building brand image. Milo has wisely chosen its brand, which is short and understandable. Specifically, Milo, in the dictionary, means any of various early-growing cultivated varieties of sorghum with heads of yellow or pinkish seeds resembling millet. Therefore, in a heartbeat, a customer can realize a product that the company is selling made from plant and is good for health. More so, that in turn develops an “interest” in the customer’s mind to learn about the product. A customer then gets into the “evaluation” stage to assess the product on some information he or she gathers. Afterward, a customer takes the “trial” step, and consequently decides to make post-purchase on favorable experience in the trial stage, that is the last stage called “adoption”. After setting the promotion objectives, Milo continues to decide how much money to spend. It is not an easy task to deal with because there are several elements needed to spend on in promotional activity such as advertising, sales promotion, and public relation. Yet once these activities are seized...
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