: Sales and Marketing Strategies Toward Consumer’s Satisfaction Theme: Getting People to Buy More and Be Satisfied

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Title: Sales and Marketing Strategies toward Consumer’s Satisfaction Theme: Getting People to Buy more and be Satisfied

(Reaction Paper)

At first, I’m so excited in this seminar because I know this is contented of inspirational words, wisdoms and strategies that may help me in my near future. We have great speakers and they have a lot that share to us. Come from their experiences, they knowledge in their job and there capability to be an effective speaker.

The first speaker is Jayson De Guzman. He is a sales counterman from Honda. He said that he is not much familiar in having seminar in students. He also worked at Sm Batangas City but he try to seek another job and he found the Honda. For him, the greatest secret for his job is just enjoy your job, don’t treat it like a job and make it your hobby. . That loving your job makes you feel better than having a high salary but you’re not comfortable. If you choose your job well then you will not feel working at all. He is nice because even this is his first time to talk in our count number of audience; he is delivered her words perfectly. He talks about the consumer buying behavior first is the problem recognition, information search and alternative evaluation He also tell us some tips on how we will entertain a costumers like respond to costumer as soon as possible, make them feel that they are realy important trough updating them, go extra mile, fix your mistakes listen to your clients keep your promises, don’t confuse clients with jargon, be patient, know everything you want to know, put yourself in their shoes. From this tips, you will conclude that he is an expert from his Job. He is a good Sales agent for me.

Second speaker is Mr. Charles Edrison Villones he works under UNO Corporation. For me, he is one of the best speaker I ever encountered! He is so funny and a good communicator. What I learned about him is hard work we need this to pursue our goals and to achieve the dreams...
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