Sales and Loan Management System

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Introduction 1.1 Background of the Study Credit Cooperatives are one of the organizations that provide help in terms of monetary problems here in the Philippines, they are voluntarily formed business organizations owned by its patrons and run for the benefit of those who uses it. In a credit cooperative the strategic management of loans is the primary concern for the continuous growth of the organization, as well as the respective members of the cooperative. In this field, the application of information technology will help enhance the loan management procedures of cooperatives. With an extensive information gathering about the problems of the host company, the proponents came up with idea of developing a Savings & Loan Management System (SLMS) for managing all the savings and loaning of every member of the cooperative, which will give them an easier and more reliable processes in each transaction made, that would give them advantage over other credit cooperatives. Villager’s Credit and Development Cooperative (VCDC), the host company of this study, is a community cooperative duly registered with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) and started at February 26 1991. The membership is open to all Filipino Citizen Regardless of social affiliation. Membership admission fee is P 50.00. Minimum share capital is P 500.00 or equivalent to five shares at 100.00 per share.

Savings & Loan Management System for Villager’s Credit & Development Cooperative



The Damayan Fund is a social security package, a simple cash benefit scheme that provides financial assistance to the family of a deceased member, which is 120.00 a year and currently there are 600 members. The Maximum amount that maybe granted to a member is twice the amount of the share capital; the rate of interest is 1.25% a month or 15% a year; fines for payment on default is 1.50% on the amount due and demandable, and the maximum period of payment of loan is staggered from 12 to 24 months. There are six types of loans: the (1) regular loan which is granted for either providential or productive purpose; (2) emergency loan used for unexpected expenses due to illness, fire, flood, or any other catastrophe; (3) utility loan which is for utility expenses like Meralco, PLDT, and others; (4) appliance/furniture loan wherein a borrower is given the maximum loan of P10, 000.00; (5) rice loan in which a member is entitled to borrow a cavan of rice with a limited amount; (6) education loan which is applicable for collegelevel only and payable as a standard regular loan. The host company beforehand has a little utilization on computer software in managing all the savings and loans done by the member, they rely on manual transactions like using pass books for the members and Microsoft Office Tools like MS Excel to record and keep track of the transactions made by the member, and establish their leaflets, and other paper works needed for their operations.

Savings & Loan Management System for Villager’s Credit & Development Cooperative



In the development of the SLMS the proponents gathered the required information for developing this type of system, the proponents considered different factors involved in managing the capital and shares of every member, including the history of loans, payment schemes, and current status of the members.

1.2 Statement of the Problem 1.2.1 General Problem How to design, develop, and implement a Savings & Loan Management System for Villager’s Credit and Development Cooperative, Inc. in order improve their transaction processing, making their records easy to manage and accurate monitoring of records?

1.2.2 Specific Problem How will the proponents ensure the security and integrity of every data of the Savings & Loan Management System for VCDC? • How to keep the data of VCDC from unauthorized person? • • • How to secure the database of the system? How to keep the...
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