Sales and Inventory with Analysis

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Chapter 1
This chapter presents the introduction, the background of the study, the objectives of the study, and the scope and limitation of the study.

Project Context
Technology has invaded the world and it made our lives more efficient and effective. Computer is one of the most powerful tools that technology has to offer. “Computers have affected every aspect of our day-to-day life, in terms of education, office work, accounting, business, communication, shopping, and data storage amongst others” (N. Sandhyarani, 2011). With the use of computer and internet, our communication is made even possible. This is the reason why everyone is attached in using internet everywhere. Many people has established their internet connection at home. “Those who don't have computers at home are obvious potential customers for an Internet café, while others might have computers but lack high-speed Internet access” (R. Kayne, 2012).

A Computer shop or Internet cafe is a small enterprise that includes computer rentals and offers other services. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, “A café or coffee shop providing computers for access to the Internet”. Ironically, in observing some computer shops here in Quezon City, the proponents noticed most internet café doesn’t offer coffee to their shops but still give the same services. According to S. Liff and A. Laegran (2003):

The concept and name, Internet cafe, was invented at the beginning of 1994 by Ivan Pope. Commissioned to develop an internet event for an arts weekend at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, Pope wrote a proposal outlining the concept of a cafe with internet access from the tables. The event was run over the weekend of March 12-13 1994 during the 'Towards the Aesthetics of the Future' event.

In June 1994, The Binary Cafe, Canada's first Internet cafe, opened in Toronto, Ontario. During the 5th International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA, in August 1994, an establishment called CompuCafe operated in Helsinki, Finland, featuring both internet access and a robotic beer seller.

Inspired partly by the ICA event, a commercial establishment of this type, called Cyberia, opened on September 1, 1994 in London, England. Suba Internet Center, the first American Internet cafe, opened in April 1995 in Chicago, Illinois.

Today, you can find Internet Café everywhere. Despite being one of the mainstream businesses, there are still problems that an Internet café encounters and it remain unsolved. Most internet café in uses excel for the inventory and for list of expenses and income. Manually checking the inventory on excel and checking the bill from day- to-day services is quite tiring. It is not reliable because the information are not dependable. Another, the staff is not able to check every PC from time to time to. In that case, there’s no warning given when the shop is running out of item.

Purpose and Description
The purpose of this study is to create a system that will fit the needs of the shop in terms of having a good data gathering and analysis. The system will be able to create reports including a graph in which every service offered by the shop is included. This will help the shop to monitor its income and expense. It can also update your inventory automatically.

Booters Internet Café operated on 2007-2010. The shop suddenly stopped operating because it was broke. One of the main causes of the downfall is the disorganized system that they had. Inputs and outputs were not established and it created budget deficits. It did not have any reports reviewing, like for example distinguishing the service that is the entering the most money in the shop, and also, the managing of the inventory for every materials needed for the shop. Because of this they tend to waste money for every material that is wasted. The main cause of the downfall is that they don’t have any reports concerning...
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