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Productivity and quality tools for everyone in the provider organization. Working with limited resources, healthcare providers today are challenged to meet ever-increasing demands. In order to meet this challenge, your organization needs to be as efficient as possible. This starts with giving your most important resource—your people—smart, timesaving tools that help them be more productive to increase quality and contain costs. That’s where Microsoft® Office 2010 comes in. It’s not intended to replace your EMR or hospital information system; rather it bridges the gap between these and your other core systems to play a vital role in helping all your staff connect with information, people, and processes—when, where, and how needed.

Microsoft Office 2010
Today everyone inside the healthcare provider organization is responsible in his or her own way for improving quality, safety, and reducing the cost of patient interactions inside the organization. Central to accomplishing these objectives is the ability to access information, collaborate in teams around that information, and analyze that information. Given the team-oriented nature of healthcare delivery today, you don’t want to keep people out of the loop; everyone needs access to the tools you use to analyze, share, and present data. Whatever the scenario: a clinician looking at her oncology service line and analyzing the effectiveness of specific treatments or a porter checking his e-mails to see if much needed supplies will arrive on time—it is important for everyone to have access to core productivity and information tools. In response to these healthcare provider requirements, Microsoft Office 2010 offers enhanced features to help healthcare professionals:

• Bring Ideas to Life—Simplify how physicians, administrative staff, and other clinicians understand, use, and present information. • Work Better Together—Help enable care team collaboration for greater employee satisfaction and improved patient outcomes. • Use Office Anywhere—Help enable staff to connect with information, people, and processes in all the different places that care is delivered. • The Practical Productivity Platform—Give staff the ability to complete patient and administrative processes from within Office and give IT and the board the peace of mind that sensitive organizational and patient information is secure and protected. Microsoft Office 2010 provides flexibility of information delivery along with a rich user experience to support the role of everyone in your organization as a quality worker.

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Analytical capabilities help make informed decisions
With access to analytical tools, clinicians, and administrators can make informed decisions and present results, analysis, and trends about service lines and key performance indicators that contribute to quality improvements. Administrators will be able to: • Gain insights from complex or disparate data sets to help provide higher quality care and services. • Help empower everyone in your organization to analyze trends and measure and monitor quality. • Monitor and respond promptly to financial indicators and trends. • Present information and educate care teams in more engaging ways.

Equip Staff to Find Insights from Information
Office 2010 gives your clinicians and administrators ways to draw insights from complex or disparate sets of data so they can turn information into knowledge they can apply. Medical and nursing staff can present and educate about quality initiatives, key performance indicators, patient safety initiatives, or condition management pathways. Department heads and executives can make on-the-spot quality comparisons and decisions from lists of data using improved conditional formatting in Excel® to visualize data. And management can improve financial responsiveness in the budgeting process by enabling multiple users to collaborate on the same spreadsheet. Office 2010 makes it easier...
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