Sales and Inventory System on Hardware

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Chapter 1

Technology has been an aide to the world’s everyday problem. Since its development, man has learned how to maximize its potentials. It continues to give man solutions to almost anything, anywhere. In the world of business and economy, for example, there is an on-going clamor to use technology. The demand for its use is extensively high; therefore, the means to develop new technology for business use is a process. Automated Sales and Inventory Systems are commonly used in the business world since these are needed to keep and track the systems of inventories in any company. This automation is an answer to the manually operated sales and inventory systems of the past since the manual process takes a lot of time in recording the transactions. This technologically aided process allows efficiency in data management. It paves the way for the removal of inconsistent data and costly charges for massive spreadsheet purchases. Moreover, this is a practical system since it allows users to easily track down the purchases, expenses, and records for all inventories.

Through the years, automated sales and inventory system has become main stream in the business industry because in the line of business, time means profit. Thus, implementing the automated sales and inventory system on a company is a big help because it lessen the work load of the employees and minimize the factor of human error. As a result, employees become more efficient and productive.


Petron’s Treats, located in F.B. Harrison, is the selected research locale for this study. Since Treats is mostly found in Petron’s gas stations, it offers motorists and consumers a wide variety of food, snacks, and beverages. From the time when it was established on January 2000, Treats F.B. Harrison branch can accommodate one hundred customers a day.

 Under its present owner – Marie Lara Aranas – it vows to surpass its earnings and advance its resource management capacity. Treats, thus, aims to change its manual inventory and sales processes. From the small drawer and logbook that keep its record sales and supplies, the store intends to upgrade this to a systematic, technology-aided process. The company wants to eliminate the difficulties of running a manual inventory. It wants to come up with a backup system to store its files and to conduct its physical inventory counts. One of the problems of maintaining a manual inventory system is the process of tracking daily sales. The process of organizing a manual sale requires the employees to write down the sold product purchase of a customer. This can be a difficult task as one employee may lose the list of items sold or another may forget to write down a sale. Manual inventory system does not update at the end of the day with updated inventory counts. This means that one must go through the inventory items each time he needs to place an order for new raw materials, products or supplies for the inventory. This can be a time consuming process, as one will physically have to go through each product box and browse through the items.


The general objective of the study is to develop automated sales and inventory systems that will routinely record the data through the use of a barcode scanner. The proposed system also keeps the cost under control by tracking the inventory loss statistics. Because of this proposed system, the management can easily track the cause of the loss of income. The system will also track the waste, spoilage and incidents of mishandling by tracking inventory from purchases all the way through sales. The system can help security by including log report to reduce theft and collusion that tends to be a persistent problem in a company. Specifically, the researchers would like to:

• Develop a password-protected, window-based application that can effectively monitor the sales and inventory of the company; • Design...
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