Sales and Inventory System for Bossing General Merchandise

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1.1. Project Description and Background
Nowadays, computerized system are very much needed in companies and business that will help them in order to come up with a better products or services and even accurate data for the firm through the Information System. Information System is defined as combination of technology, people, and data to support business requirements. Bossing’s General Merchandise was founded by Ms. Agnes Filomeno last July 3, 2001. it is located at 1242 Jacinto St. Extension, Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City. The company had been established as Ms. Filomeno bought the store from her friend together with the products to continue the started business under her ownership. Bossing’s General Merchandise is a whole sale and retail store that offers free delivery to its customers. It has a cash register for the customer receipt and basis of daily sales report. The company is composed of one (1) General manager/owner, who is responsible in monitoring the incoming and outgoing products, the one who manages the ordering of products, even the back orders the manager also generates the daily reports base on the receipts; one (1) Cashier, who is in charge of the payments of the products. One (1) Sales lady for customer assistance and inquiry of products as well; two (2) Checkers who are in charge of monitoring of the products; bad orders, back orders and the availability. There is also warehouse boy, who are responsible in organizing the stocks in the warehouse, monitoring of numbers of stocks. The store is a 2-storey building, having the first floor where the products are being displayed and where their customers buy, the second floor is their stock room, it is where they keep their products. Enclose in the said building having a capacity range from 1000 to 1,500 items. Bossing’s has more or less 1000 products under three (3) main classifications. (1) Class A, the Prime commodities which has the Groceries, Snacks, and milk and dairy; (2) Class B, Health and Home, which has the categories of Home care, Health and Beauty aids, sanitary products; and (3) is Class C, luxury and beverages that includes the cigarettes, wines and liquors, soda, and juices. Bossing’s get their products from their different suppliers which includes the following; Right Goods Philippines Incorporated (RGPI), IDS Philippines Incorporated, Chynna, Sales Team, GL Santos Marketing and Tru Serv. Thus, Bossing has more or less 50 contributors of different products. The company has two (2) types of customers; (1) the wholesalers are those who order bulk of products from the store; (2) and Retailers are those who walk in the store, where they order products by pieces and directly pay it to the cashier. The company also gives attention to the customer who inquires about their products. Most cases of inquiry are through walk – in, especially if that customer is a retailer. Wholesaler inquires through phone calls. Bossing’s General Merchandise offers a free delivery of products to its customer. It only takes them around twenty (20) to sixty (60) minutes of delivery including the preparation of the products to deliver. They only deliver to the near towns and within the vicinity of the Guadalupe Nuevo. They do not offer provincial delivery. 1.2. Project Business Rules

The Bossing’s General Merchandise uses a manual system in its transaction, and because of that they encounter different problems such as: monitoring of the stocks, incoming and out coming of transaction of products, computation of purchased products as well as the slow generation of reports. 1.3.1. Monitoring of the stocks

The company does not have a standard procedure on how they determine the availability of products. They just estimate if the product needs to have an immediatedelivery based on the remaining stocks or displayed items. Misestimating the critical level of products may lead to out of stock or overstock because the company cannot determine which products need an...
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