Sales and Inventory System

Topics: Inventory control system, Inventory, Asset Pages: 3 (803 words) Published: July 20, 2011

Project Context
In today’s generation, we are engaged in highly computerized technology aiming to enhance individual lifestyle and most especially in the world of business. The manual system is now considered obsolete after the birth of the computerized system. On-line transaction is now very common to widen the target market of the companies. It becomes more attractive to the clients considering it can save time and considered hassle-free. The most commonly used system by several companies is the sales system and inventory system creating a web-based system. Advanced system on sales provide more reliable recording of sales of the company with comparison to its actual cost. In addition, the data needed by the company to decide matters in relation to inventory can be easily generated. Moreover, the inventory system promtes effective inventory control which ensures stocking the in demand and correct items in the correct quantites. This system can help the company to avoid overstocking. When an organization overstocks, money is wasted since procuring, storing, and accounting for unneeded items require time, space, and money which could have been used on more critical assets. Likewise, when understocking occurs the organization will more likely to only partly meet their mission or possibly not meet the mission at all. Also, a weak inventory control system is more prone to errors and fraud. Having advanced systems on sales and inventories makes the company more productive, efficient and convenient both to the company and its client.The system is meant to help people show to customers more relevant items, hoping to expedite and increase the sales and most importantly to increase the profit of the company. With the aid of sales and inventory systems, mangement can easily make consistent, reliable, and timely decisions.

Purpose and Description
The purpose of this study is to maximize efficiency and...
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