Sales and Inventory Question

Topics: Marketing, Manufacturing, Identification Pages: 2 (346 words) Published: February 13, 2012
1. What is the usual problem do you encounter during your sale transaction?

2. What are the reports that you usually generate?

3. How many employees do you have?

4. How many days does your supplier bring your ordered items?

5. Do you have damaged items?

6. What process did you prefer to those items?

7. What will you do to avoid the lost of sales due to broken items?

8. Do you give discount to your customer? How?

9. What is your basis in making the price of your items?

10. Do you have a mark-up price? How?

11. What is your basis in changing the price of the item?

12. Have you experience returned items from the customer?

13. Is there a case that you have lost that particularly sales because the product is out of stock?

14. How can you identify if your product is out of stock or in re-order point?

15. What do you usually do when the products are already in re-order point?

16. Is there any problem when you list down the products that are in re-order point or out of stock?

17. Have you encountered a problem where in you are having a hard time identifying the product which is in re-order point?

18. Do you have a fast and slow moving of products?

19. When did you conduct your inventory?

20. Who conduct the inventory?

21. How do you conduct the inventory?

22. How many days does it take for you to...
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