Sales and Inventory

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Chapter 2:Reviews of related study and literature

This part will give of the related literature, which will somehow help the user ti gather information and knowledge about certain study. It will give the user a clear understanding and better insight of the study.

Related literature:


According to “be the Philippine, IT industry in review by Denalyn M. Rubio,” Information technology is virtually everywhere. Whenever you look, you could see either a by-product of IT, a representation or, just about anything that espouses IT.”

The great possibilities the internet offers can effect society as one perceives it. In the Philippine daily inquirer by Margie Quimpo-Espino: “ in another Sign how simple idea can turn to something big in the internet.”

In the book, “Understanding Computers”, Reggie Planas defined web site as “A collection of web pages maintained by a college, university, government, agency, company of individual. Some popular website many are trying to access at the same time.”

Reggie Planas commended that: “internet is the largest computer of smaller interconnected networks around the world.”

Planas also stated that: some of the strengths of the internet is that it is structured around the concept of hypertext. The term hypertext is used to describe an interlinked system of documents in which a user may jump from one document to another in a non-linear associative way.”


According to C.J. Date of the book “An introduction to database system” stated that: “A database system in essence is a computerized record keeping system whose overall principle is to maintain information concerned that can by anything that is defined to be significant to the individual of organization. In other words it is electronic filing cabinet that can retrieve data, remove existing file and add files.

According to francis Sched, “the system should produced meaningful result quickly. This usually means action repots on an interior...
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