Sales and Inventory

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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We are pleased to present “ONLINE SALES AND INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” and take this opportunity to express our profound gratitude to all those people who helped us in completion of this project.

We thank our college for providing us with excellent facilities that helped us to complete and present this project. We would also like to thank the staff members and lab assistants for permitting us to use computers in the lab as and when required.

We express our deepest gratitude towards our project guide Prof. B.K.Deshpanda for his valuable and timely advice during the various phases in our project. We would also like to thank him for providing us with all proper facilities and support as the project co-coordinator. We would like to thank him for support, patience and faith in our capabilities and for giving us flexibility in terms of working and reporting schedules.

We would like to thank Prof. Aarti Bakshi (HOD- INFT), K.C.College Of Engineering for his constant support, advice and encouragement throughout the duration of project work.

We would like to thank all our friends for their smiles and friendship making the life in K.C enjoyable and memorable and family members who always stood beside us and provided the utmost important moral support. Finally we would like to thank everyone who has helped us directly or indirectly in our project.

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|Sr. No |Contents |Page No | |1 |Project overview | | |1.1 |Introduction |3 | |1.2 |Scope and Objective | | |2 |Project Analysis | | |2.1 |Problem Statement | | |2.2 |Cost Estimation |5 | |2.3 |Gantt Chart | | |2.4 |Responsibility Matrix | | |3 |Project Design | | |3.1 |E-R Diagram | | |3.2 |Use Case Diagram | | |3.3 |Class Diagram | | |3.4 |Collaboration Diagram | | |3.5 |Sequence Diagram | | |3.6 |Object Diagram | | |3.7 |Activity Diagram |11 | |3.8 |Process Diagram | | |3.9 |DFD Diagram | | |3.10 |Context Diagram | | |3.11 |Interaction Diagram | | |3.12...
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