Sales and Inventory

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Chapter I
Background of Study
Nowadays, technology is commonly used by people in different various fields. The breakthroughs of science and technology have been applied in many ways to commerce and industry. Some of the spin-offs of these breakthroughs eventually filter down to provide benefits for the average person. The best example of this is products that were invented during the space program, which have allowed engineers and other scientists to use these to new products and materials in manufacturing. In the field of communication, mobile phone is one of the innovations that are being used by millions of people around the world. Most operations like planning and scheduling depend on inventory. This study is about a system of a mobile phone company wherein a documentation of a sales inventory system is being proposed. Inventory control system is very important to understand system of inventory management. (Shore, 2002) A very old but very wise adage teaches that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. For businessman Guan Kay Lo, this adage holds true. He took the first “single step” in 1945 and established a small business which underwent several changes and challenges, an amazing journey, and through commitment, dedication, hard work and the miracle of time, it is now known as the Guanzon Group of Companies. The Guanzon MobiTek located at Perez St. Dagupan City uses a logbook wherein they record the products arrived and to be delivered to their branches. It is also used to record customers’ name and the product he/she had purchased. The System shall be established at the Guanzon Mobitek located at the Perez St. Dagupan City. (Lo, 2009) Statement of the Objectives

The main goal of the study is to evaluate the current sales inventory control system of Guanzon MobiTek and come up with an enhanced inventory control system for the mobile company for a better inventory management and reduce risks of errors and fraud. It will seek to give an enhancement and design the company could adopt for a more effective and efficient inventory system. Specifically, the study aimed to:

* Develop a system to manage sales and inventory products including add, update and delete record. * Develop a Password-secured program
* Be able to impart our knowledge in Inventory System that would help the Guanzon MobiTek Significance of the Study
Ensuring continuous growth of firm is the main proposal on this study. It explains that it is important for a company to monitor its products’ demand from consumers. When demand arises there must be a sufficient stock to meet it without delay. It should also provide that the production must always be available and in good. Guanzon MobiTek Company. Guanzon can adopt the recommendations to be done by the researchers to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales inventory control system. Customers. The system records the items purchased by the customer easily. Personnel. It helps the personnel to lessen the time of works regarding in checking and recording the products sold, unsold, and to be sold. Researchers of this Study. The researchers, being the main participants, will gain knowledge and experience to improve their skills. Future researchers. This research can provide basis and references for future studies related to inventories. Scope and Limitations

This inventory system is designed and implemented to Guanzon MobiTek wherewith it is limited to the monitoring of stocks for mobile phones and mobile devices. Alert signals were being given to the user when stock goes beyond the reordering system. This study consists of adding, updating, and deleting record of the stocks. If the suppliers had delivered the company’s orders, the allowed personnel will login in this system then add the product including its quantity, model and the date delivered. For those unsold products, the personnel updates the records then delete the product. The...
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