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Glenelg Travel
Sales Action Plan/Promotional Campaign

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Glenelg Travel
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Daniela Partington

Executive Summary

Glenelg Travel is a small business that sells travel at competitive prices with excellent and unique services. The travel agency uses effective cost control techniques, and the waving of many fees common within industry in order to provide these prices. The organisation has a strong and loyal customer base which has been developed through careful customer relationship management techniques and word of mouth marketing, as well as sporadic advertisements such as flyers and newspaper advertisements.

The main competitors for Glenelg Travel consist mainly of online ticketing systems and discount travel agencies; however these do not attempt to match Glenelg Travel’s service level or style. Other similar establishments do not pose a threat as they are geographically separated, and larger chain travel agencies attract a different clientele.

Other external factors which influence Glenelg Travel include social norms regarding leisure travel, economic factors such as strength of the Australian dollar, and the advancement of the internet and technology-savvy consumers.

Glenelg Travel has an excellent employee culture and human resources due to the fostering of a motivated working environment. This leads to customer satisfaction, as employees are motivated to do their job well. The agency also has an excellent location, in an area which is well-known to the public.

In order to expand the client base in order to prevent sole reliance on existing consumers, a webpage is recommended in order to increase online presence and reach a larger audience with promotions. In order to fund this, a fee is required to be placed on international airline tickets. This fee will be below industry norm, and therefore retain the competitive pricing edge Glenelg Travel has over many of its competitors. In implementing this fee, additional profits can be invested in the website, which will in turn increase patronage.

A webpage will also allow the agency to better communicate with existing customers, informing them of current promotions and specials with ease.

Table of Contents

1.1Company Background4
1.2Company Marketing Objectives4
2Situation Analysis5
2.1Macro Environment Analysis5
2.2Micro Environment Analysis5
2.2.1Current Competitor Analysis5
2.2.2Current Market Analysis6
2.3Current Marketing Mix6
2.4Resources and Capabilities7
2.4.1Human Resources and Employee Culture7
2.4.2Financial Resources8
2.4.3Marketing-Based Assets8
2.5SWOT Analysis8
4.1Target Audience10
4.2Communication and Creative Strategy10
4.3Media Planning10
4.4Media Strategy11
4.5Campaign Research and Evaluation11
4.6Operational Plan11
7.1Appendix I: Industry Travel Agent Booking Fees14
7.2Appendix II: Webpage Design Quote15
7.3Appendix III: Glenelg Travel Yearly Budget for 2006/200716


1 Company Background

Glenelg Travel is a small travel operation which was established in Glenelg, South Australia in 1989. It is a Proprietary Limited Company with two directors, four full-time employees and a group tour planner who is home-based.  

The operation’s main purpose is to sell domestic and international travel, which incorporates aspects such as airline, cruise, bus and train tickets as well as tours, car hire, accommodation and travel insurance (Reeves, pers. comm. 26/10/11). Glenelg Travel aim’s to...
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